Sister-in-law satisfies my fetish

I always have had a thing for spitting. I like to spit all over a girl’s body before licking it off with my tongue. It’s been a fetish of mine for a pretty long time. But along with it, I also had a sense of shame and embarrassment. I was never able to tell any of the girls I dated about my fetish.
After I got married, I decided to try it out with my wife. But to my horror, she was absolutely not into it. In fact she felt so disgusted that I had to apologise to her and never even thought of trying it again. So, a couple of years after our marriage, her sister was had come to stay with us over the weekend. Her sister was pretty hot but I did not really think or plan about doing anything with her as I wanted to be loyal to my wife. My wife wanted to take a break from watching the kids all day, so I sent her to a spa to help rejuvenate herself.
Since her sister was staying with us, there was no problem about who would watch the kids. Anyways, after I had sent her away, me and the sister-in-law were watching TV at night after putting the kids to bed. We were watching this talk show where the host wanted an audience member to recreate a scene from the ‘Tin Drum’. Since I hadn’t seen that movie, I did not have a clue about what I was about to see. They selected a beautiful blonde and she was laid up on the table and asked to pull up her top. Then the much older host poured some powder like substance into the woman’s belly button, spit twice on her belly before diving into her belly button with his tongue and licking it all out. I was dumbfounded. I felt a rush of blood flowing through my veins and I was pretty sure I had an erection. I suddenly realized the sister-in-law was sitting next to me.
I somehow composed myself and looked at her, she was also a bit embarrassed to look at me. I grabbed the remote and changed the channel because I thought she was uncomfortable. “Some shit they show on TV these days....I’m glad the kids are asleep,” I murmured.
She looked at me and smiled and said, “It wasn’t that bad. You must be wishing your wife was with you rather than me isn’t it?”
“Not really, she doesn’t like the spitting stuff.” As soon as I had finished speaking I knew that I had said way too much. There was silence for some time before she got up and went away.
I was too embarrassed to even talk to her. I just hoped she did not mention our conversation to my wife. After a while, she was back. But she had pulled up her top and tied it into a knot and was holding a packet of powdered candy in her hand. She smiled at me and signaled me to follow her. She laid down on the dinner table and poured the powdered candy around her belly button. I understood what she wanted and did not waste a bit of time with her. I went down and left a trail of spit all over her belly. Then I started to lick the powder. I spit on her belly button and tongued it several times, before I took her inside my bedroom and undressed her and I licked her body clean and fucked her to my heart’s content. Of course we never told anyone about this; it’s our dirty little secret. I’m glad to have a sister-in-law like her.

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