Doesn't feel wrong

My son was born exactly 20 days after my 17th birthday , it's just been him and I all his life. I wasn't ever sexual with him or weird. I of course feel he's attractive what mother doesn't. I just wanted to say that up front. We had just had a birthday party for both of us, being new in the area there wasn't very many people that we new to invite. I had been saving for a long time because I wanted to buy him a truck, after all he had just turned 18 . The party was fun and I unveiled his truck to him , he was super excited and asked his friends if they wanted to go for a ride , they wanted me to come, one said I was hotter than any girl they knew , looking at my son and seeing him blush told me to stay home. The boys left and soon so did my friends. I showered and put on my robe. I herd my son come in and yellhi mom iI'm home , I quickly ran down stairs . He gave me a huge hug and said thank you for the truck. But he wasn't releasing me in fact started looking at me with dreamy eyes. Then he said mom your so beautiful , smiling I said I'm sure you'll find a nice girl. He frowned and said I double it they don't like me like that. He started to slide my robe off my shoulders , that's when I realized he wanted me. I let my robe hit the floor and he just froze. It was up to me. I went to my knees and started unzipping his jeans , I pulled down his pants and underwear and was face to face with his thumping boner , I reached and touched as he closed his eyea I put my mouth on it and started to suck him. A few minutes later he started saying oh mom oh mom nooo I'm going to cum and he did. So I gave my son a truck and a blow job for his 18th birthday , I know this is sick to alot of you but we have made love numerous times since then , I continue to tell him to find a girlfriend so we can go back to having a normal family , he promises that we will when he finds one.


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  • Last fall, I was 18, I've been 19 since February this year, my mom's been 35 since February 2nd this year too, just one week before my b day. It was last fall that my dad was killed as a passenger in his buddy's car. So over last thanksgiving day weekend, my grampa, my dad's dad, and my mom had a one night stand. I got hard just from hearing all sort of commotion, and enjoyed it too. Then last new years eve, it was just my mom and me, when she broke it to me that she is pregnant with my grampa's girl, she's due in August this year. That new years night, my mom, and me had sex with each other, she said I couldn't get her any more pregnant anyway. Right now her pregnancy is already showing, her figure is stunning.

  • I know the feeling, I was 15 when my mom, 37 yo then, a slim attractive lady, on the last day of high school basketball season after our team had won, and who I knew was pregnant, and had started showing already, she had my sister that following June just 2 days before her 38th b day. At that time, Carter was in his last few days of office before Reagan took over. Since we were the road team, we stayed at a motel. My mom wanted me with her that night, after the season had just gone in the books, and the coach did agree. I was already out of my jersey and was in just my basketball shorts, when they were short shorts back then, wearing them made my dick hard. When I felt my mom's baby in the motel room, she noticed the bulge in my basketball shorts, smiled and to my surprise, she lifted her dress. Out came the front of her sheer nude laced pantyhose, stretched almost completely across her then newly growing tummy, very close to her bra, what a show. My dick got so hard, I had erupted seed all through my jockstrap, and all through my basketball shorts. My mom wished that I would've pumped all that seed up her pussy. I remember just 3 months earlier in October the previous year, when my mom first announced that she was a month and a half pregnant, I snuck off to my room, and put on my square cut bathing suit, cuz I love how hard my dick got in them. When my mom found me in them, and asked why I was in them, I couldn't answer her. Then she asked "Well are you wearing your bathing suit because I'm going to have a baby, it's ok." Then I owned up, she took off her blouse, her tummy was still flat, except for just a little swell of pregnancy in her dolphin shorts. Touching my mom's tummy that day made me so hard in my bathing suit, that after I fell asleep, I erupted seed all over my bed through my bathing suit.

  • Totally natural.

  • When the moms are pregnant, that fuels the sons sexual desires for sure, I would know, I've watched how my little brother react with desire, a bulge in his pants, when our mom announced her new arrival of our littlest brother, she showed off her growing tummy many times, he was just 10 then, I was almost 12, so when I got pregnant at 15 for my daughter, now 19, I wore my bikini around him, we all loved it.

  • Nothing wrong with this you are a wonderful mother, please train him with 69ers, anal and mutual masturbation to ensure he has complete sexual knowledge, it sounds like you are doing a great job and you both really love it

  • Ty for your post

  • All these comments, people reading this and getting off. Let's turn this around, a young dad of a teenage daughter buys her an expensive car for her birthday and then sleeps with her. Eighteen or not the guy is going to get lambasted in the media for taking advantage of her. Meanwhile, the girl will be slut shamed for fucking her dad for a car. No hope for here there.

  • I'm a single mother of a teenage son myself and know how you're feeling. We've been sleeping together since he was born, and intimate since he was 13 or so. I too was a young teen when I became pregnant with him by an older friend of my father. I can't stop myself either. I know it's wrong, I know he should be dating girls his age. He has good self esteem and I've seen him flirt with girls at sports events and restaurants, so I know he has game. He just tells me I'm beautiful, sexy and that he loves me.

  • Same here like I said it's become more and more frequent and we have started trying new things

  • You weren't a normal family before. Now you should keep fucking him.

  • I haven't stopped, in fact it's become more and more frequent

  • It's hard to stop I can't hurt his feelings

  • You're not thinking of his feelings, just your carnal lust. Call it what it is and either come to grips with fucking your son or break it off and crush his heart. Either way you're fucked at this point.

  • Thanks

  • It's not unusual for sons to have an Oedipal thing going, but you sure as hell shouldn't encourage it. It will fuck him up for life.

  • Unfortunately, when the door's open, that's it, the genie's out of the bottle, too late, there's no undoing it, you're screwed.

  • Once you opened that door it can't be closed . Your son won't be looking for a girlfriend as long as you are sucking his cock and spreading your legs giving him pussy.

  • That's right. My mum's only demands are that I fuck her. A girlfriend would make many other demands on me. I sleep with mum, and fuck her to my heart's content. Her blowjobs are better than any I've had from my ex-girlfriends.

  • I agree.

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