GF’s mom loved to see me!

My gf’s mom would come into her bed room while I was sleeping and pull the covers down because her sister told everyone I sleep in the nude. Anyway on more than one occasion I’d wake up and mom would be at the foot of the bed in her robe with a zip down front.with her hand down around her crotch. I rolled over the first time I woke up and surprised her.. Oh she says and backed up in to the bathroom were she stayed for few minutes. I figure now that she stayed in there long enough to finish what she started... she used to say oh my, my robe popped open, when she’d got caught!. Mom didn’t have a husband so she’d use my young strong nude body to help her out.

100% true and authentic story.

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How can I go on about this?

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    • Fucked my college roommates mom. His stepdad made it happen. Turns out he wanted to eat some cum from her pussy. True story.
      First time was at her house. She had been super sweet to me all day then came in the room where I was staying that night. She sat on the bed beside me and said “ can you keep a secret?” I was smooth. I just said “Please yes!” and pulled the covers back. She was so hot and only my 2nd.
      The next year they came to town and stayed in a hotel. I wasn’t roommates with her son anymore and she calls and says come by, let’s catch up. That’s when the real story came out. Was weird doing her in bed with him in the bathroom. Then coming in her. Dressing and leaving.

    • I used to sleep with my ex girlfriend's mum when my ex was on a Nightshift. Its ok as long as you can keep it a secret, otherwise you are in deep sh1t and you must have an understanding that it is just sex and not love.

    • Same when your fucking your wifes 17 year old daughter while shes on night shift

    • How did your girlfriend's aunt know you slept in the nude ?

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