Taboo Addiction

I can't help my urges and what has become an addiction. My step Daughter is 21 and still lives at home. For years I have been addicted to her panties. The way she smells the way they feel on me as I jerk off. However it was a year ago that my addiction grew.
You see that was the year I found her dildo. Ever since that day I have been addicted to tasting her used pussy off of it. Sucking her clean before putting it away.

Mar 30


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    • Truth be known I suspect most men have a thing for panties, especially dirty ones. Not necessarily to wear but to Jack off in! I started with my sisters as a youngster and transitioned through friends, strangers, daughters, her friends et al. I had a super collection for years until I got married. Still love that special scent of the dirty ones and the feel of dropping a load into someone’s you know! Priceless!

    • You mention jacking off into your daughter's panties. I personally don't have a thing for panties (although I also get the impression it's very common), but I do love to masturbate to my daughters in other ways too. I'm not sure what it is but there's just something about it that makes it so much more pleasurable and almost addictive

    • I used to cum on my friends toys back when we were roommates. She never knew and used them all the time, effectively inserting my semen into herself.

      We were (and still are) very close and talk about anything and everything, so I knew exactly what toys she liked, how often she used them, and (most importantly) that she never cleaned them or suspected a thing.

    • Why didn't you just fuck her? Lol

    • I was too busy fucking your mom. Lol

    • Is that so? You mean while we were gangbanging yours? 😂

    • Don't wanna get in the middle here or anything. But rephrasing his insult to you & just throwing the exact same thing back at him is a pretty lame comeback bro. Just saying

    • Then people should keep their negative or smartass comments to themselves wouldn't you say??lol

    • 1. "Why didn't you just fuck her? Lol" Kinda looks like you're just calling the kettle black here tbh.

      2. Either way, it still doesn't make your comeback any better.

    • Have you fucked her yet?

    • Describe the stains on her panties . What do they look like ?

    • Hot.

    • Nothing tastes better than dirty panties and pussy secretions

    • Mmm nice and crunchy stank

    • This is not uncommon. Go on enjoying her used panties until she discovers your secret. You may also leave your cum on it so that she get the strange musky smell out of it.

    • After I have tasted her and sucked her toy clean I cum, rubbing my cup all over her toy

    • How big is your dick

    • Average

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