It just happened

OMG I said to myself how could I have done I tied my robe around me and went out side for a smoke I couldn't believe what had just happened I am lighting up a cigarret and still clearing my throat for the large of cum I had just swallowed how could I have done this i'm a 47 year old mother putting my son thru school divorced and doing well financially ..I looked thru the French doors and he was still laying on the ottoman with his cock laying on his thigh I lit another cigarret trying to get the courage to get back in the house.... Jack can you please put some clothes on I said ..but mom i'm waiting for the second round ….No you're not the first round was wrong and it shouldn't have ever for heavens sake I needed that and no one will ever know my second nut needs emptying … stop it I said that was totally wrong and unforgivable.... mom your pussy is to awesome not to use it's like having a gorgeous dress and not wearing it...Jack I don't want to hear anymore about it i'm your mother....come here mom he says as I approach him he turns himself on the ottoman opens my robe and props himself up to my pussy and starts to suckle on it god it felt incredibly good I couldn't walk away from it even thought I had just sucked him off and swallowed the biggest load of cum I ever taken his huge cock barely fitted in my mouth it's thick and long and I never knew that … as he licked and sucked on my clit I quickly took off my robe and went down on his fully erect cock it made me so wet and juicy I started humping his face like a pillow till I got one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had …. I was like a person high on drugs couldn't keep my balance he gets off the ottoman pushes me on the couch spreads my legs and his huge cock enters me all in.... I had to hold him back he was to big for my pussy I couldn't take the length he knew exactly what he was doing as he pounds my pussy hard and deep he lifts my legs up to his shoulders and eases in as far as I can take it ..nooooo jack it's to deep I cried out as he slowly starts to fuck me now I look at him his eyes roll up and I feel his oversized cock pulsating in my pussy …..oooh wow mom that's some good pussy you have there...he finally pulls out and a huge gush of cum drips out …. quick get a tissue I tell him he gets the box from the bathroom and hands to me ...I can't believe how much cum you have Jack..... he replies as I told you I needed that and you are absolutely awesome mom...he heads out to the pool in the back yard as I head for the shower I still couldn't believe what had just happened my pussy was still dripping with his cum as I turned the water on, as I washed up i did a fresh clean razor cut and my pussy felt swollen this should not be happening when i stepped out of the shower he was still on his phone so i put a pair of shorts on and a t- shirt...…. as i cleaned the kitchen up he comes in and says he has a few of his friends come by to use the pool i said fine enjoy while i clean up ...then he turns around and says … you should wear something not so blah-blah,,,, how about a pair of legging and leave your panties in the drawer your pussy is to die for …. wow i don't know if i can do that jack !!! as i clean up i couldn't get that out of my head so i ended up doing it felt strange not wearing panties but i'd try it after i cleaned up i walked outside and asked if they wanted anything from the market since i was picking up some essentials ..yes can you get a cpl of burgers and dogs and don't forget the buns...i noticed one of his friends starring at my crotch i had one award winning camel toe going down there... needles to say now i 'm able to take his entire shaft as deep as he can pound it and i still suck every last drop he has to give me and i'm very happy with it ...and he also makes it interesting he can eat my pussy anytime ..and some times i just surprise him by suck his cock and drain every last drop of his balls without wasting a drop

1.1 years ago


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    • Oh u r a very nice mom & kind of a mom so enjoy ur real life

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