Step Daughter just turned 18

My Step Daughter just turned 18. I want to fuck her so bad. She has an incredible body and she is so beautiful. Last night when she came home she gave me a kiss. I put my hand on her back and then let it slide down on her ass. I left it there and so did she.

I am filled with desire for her. I need to be inside her soon.

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  • Can't believe I'm even admitting this, but...Not my step, but, my brother's step daughter (who wasn't around much anyway). At her hs grad party, the 18-year old looked so hot, I had to handle her more than once. After the introductory, congratulations hug seen by everyone, I got in several, fun, ass smacks, photo poses with her with my arm around her waist and patting her ass, and one side-poke of her exposed waist behind a door.

    She'd been drinking before the party, and took it all in stride. As I said, she wasn't around that much anyway, so didn't know me that well. Tell the truth, half the time I don't think she remembered who I was. Getting my hands on that tight, 18 year old body was so fun..

  • Does she want to fuck

  • Well, what you waiting for? Go for it! She's only a step-daughter, and she obviously isn't resisting.

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