My first time encounter was more awesome than I expected.

I'm a 19 year old male. I've had relationship since junior high with girls. It was never earth moving , 4th of July type experiences. I enjoyed being with them but I always felt like something was missing. Well until now that is. There was this young guy a little bit older than me I met at the Rock climbing center. We just hit it off. We go hiking and climbing together . We go to movies, out to eat, see showes, exercise , and spent time together camping in the outdoors. I knew when I met Brian that something was different about him. We both are tall, fit and trim, and have the same interest. We both have had relationships with girls before. We have showered together at the gym. I loved to look at his naked body. Neither of us had made a move towards one another. That was until a few weeks ago.

We were planning a trip of hiking and climbing in Colorado. It's so beautiful there. We love the outdoors . I went over to Brian's to make plans . We made dinner and then sat putting our trip together. I decided to tell a joke . Then Brian tells a joke. Then after sitting and recalling jokes We knew I decided to tell him one more joke. I said, " so Brian, if we were to go camping and you woke up the next day with your underwear around your ankles, your asshole greased up , and sore . Would you tell anybody ? ". Brian looked right at me and said , " oh hell no I'm not telling a soul". I replied , good wanna go camping. We both laughed so hard we almost pissed ourselves. Then I said no seriously. He reached out and put his hand on mine . I told him that I wanted to kiss him. He said what's stopping you.

That's all it took. We began to kiss. It got more intense. He rolled me over on the floor next to the coffee table and had one leg over both mine. I put my hand on his ass and rubbed. The sparks were flying about the room. I had butterflies in my stomach. My heart was racing and pounding away. When I came up for a breath and looking into his eyes I marveled at their sparkle . Such beautiful deep blue eyes . I told him that I loved him like no other I had before. He put a finger over my mouth and told me he understood. The next thing I knew I was working on removing his shirt and then went to work on his jeans. He helped me out of my clothes. Then Brian leaned over me and began to kiss all around my stomach . Finally he took my hard cock in his mouth and began to suck on me. It was the best freaking blow job ever.

He kept sucking my cock and when he came up for a breath we kissed. I grabbed his hard dick and began stroking him. Soon he was leaking pre cum. I loved stroking him but wanted to get my mouth around him. I pushed him back and continued to play with him. Then I went down on him. His cock tasted great. I licked his huge ball sack. We ended up laying next to each other running our fingers threw each other hair. I rubbed his bare naked bottom. It was so round and pleasing. I kissed his bottom . I sucked hard on his cheek and left dark red marks . Brian rolled me over and I spread my legs . He rubbed his long hard cock in my butt crack. His cock was leaking a lot. Enough to provide natural lube for my hole.

My eyes rolled up in my head as he forced his way inside me. I grabbed his ass and squeezed . He started nice and slow. It felt so awesome feeling his thick rod stretching my man hole . We fucked and kissed this way for a time. Then he pulled out and had me lay my upper body across his white sofa. He rubbed my ass and gently smacked my bottom . Both cheeks. Then he slid his cock back in and began to give it to me hard. Pretty soon I was moaning loudly begging for him to fill my cavity full of his love juice . He put his hands on my back and thrusted deep and hard. My cock was soft and limp much to my surprise. I tried playing with it but it refused to get firmer.

I was so aroused and turned on but yet my cock was soft. Suddenly he filled my ass full of his cum. It was the best feeling without shooting a load I've had. Once he pulled out we laid there next to each other. He had me roll onto my back and he began to slowly stock my cock. I got hard almost immediately. Then he bent over me and began to suck me. It didn't take long and I came inside his mouth. He kept stroking my cock and showed me the cum in his mouth. I put my hand on the back of his neck pulling him toward me and we kissed. I tasted my own seed . After that we got up and he led me to the bedroom. We slept for a couple hours. I laid my head across his stomach and played with his hair and his pubic hair. I rubbed his balls and his cock. It was the most wonderful time. Later after we got a nice rest. I woke him up by performing oral sex on him until he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed all his cum.

Life is so wonderful now I have my true soul mate. We are planning on getting a house together . We loving making love outdoors also. We aren't ashamed of who we are. We hold hands on walks and kiss. Not making out mind you just little pecks . I'm so glad I took the chance and opened my heart to him. We plan on getting married and making it official. We want to spend our lives together. I love Brian so very much. I told him I will take his last name . I like saying what our married names will be . I'm glad we live in this time. It certainly would not have ended well for us 50 years ago. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Don't live a lie . Who cares what anyone thinks.

1 month ago

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