For my husband

My husband has asked me to explore my sexuality with other men. This has been his fantasy for years. So I finally gave in. He invited guys over for card's and drink's then pretended to go to bed. So I began flirting with them and eventually having sex with them. Honestly it was just like he said it was an amazing experience for me. The guys left and I went to the bedroom where I found my husband crying his eyes out. He had snot bubbles and a red face and had been balling during the whole thing. I asked what was wrong , he told me that he had snuck some peeks of the guys and me and watching them having me over and over was too much but watching them doing me at the same time was enough for him to break down. He said he would never ask me again to do this. I haven't got the heart to tell him I've met with them a couple times since and I plan on continuing to meet them.

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  • The three guys my husband always hangs out with going bowling to games and playing cards at our house, my husband asked me one time if I thought James was a hunk and if I had thoughts about him I asked him what he meant and he said the way you two flirt with each other and I told him to stop for I flirt with all of your friends and he said well I was going to get to them later but for now it's about James.
    I told him well he's big and quite handsome and I wondered if he was big in the lower department and he told me the next time he's over find out. I asked him if he was serious and he said yes, go find out.
    Well it happened the very next day James came over 20 minutes after my husband left for golf and asked for a cup of coffee. We were sitting at the table and he kept looking at me kinda making me feel a bit uneasy but when he stood up GOD there before me was a huge cock twice as big as my husbands and I gasp and starred at him, I was totally taken by surprise and before I knew it he was right in front of me telling me he's been waiting for this opportunity for a long long time and gave me a kiss I'll never forget, nor will I forget the amount of cock I had in me that day nor the amount of times I came on him.
    James knows my husband plays golf every Saturday and what time he leaves and now I get what I want a visit from James. of times I came on him.

  • He wanted his buddies to fuck you, that they did. I would love to share my wife with a couple of strangers. Never anybody I know, hope you enjoyed yourself:)

  • It has been a very different experience ty

  • Maybe he was just testing you.

  • It was his idea in the first place , he begged me to do it.

  • There is always that chance when couples experiment. Fortunately for me, it just turned my husband on more to watch. when we first started doing it he would wait outside and peek through the window at me getting fucked and after the guy left her would come in and eat my pussy until I came several times. I finally asked one night if he would like to suck the cum straight from a cock rather than second hand and he jumped at the offer. That is when I figured out my husband was bi-sexual. He now joins in regularly and services me and my lovers both. Some times I go out by myself and hook up with a guy at his place and call hubby on the phone so he can listen in. He is so hard when I get home and fucks the hell out of me. I have fucked him with a strapon and unbeknown to him soon he is going to have a real cock in his ass while he eats me out, weather he wants it or not.

  • Before you post another story again, learn the difference between possessives and plurals in the English language. Please? The stories are good otherwise.

  • It's true that my grammar and spelling is poor at best. I am sorry if it in some way offended anyone

  • Omg!!! I love this. My husband treated me like shit, calling me all types of names, but his friends always treated me nice. When I finally lost weight I gave my attention to his friends. Monday night football always occurred at our house, I prepared dinner, and snacks, but for the past 3 years I fuck his buddies from his bowling team, the guys he plays basketball with, his boss and one other co-worker. Some take turns Monday, some come over when he's at work, some I meet and fuck in the minivan.

  • You need to write your own stories and give us some details!

  • Like what would you like me to tell you. My grammar and spelling aren't great btw

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