School girls

I was having meal and drink with my house keeper other night and we were just chatting about stuff we had done in past where what etc when she told me about her and a mate fancied an art teacher and before went class went toilets removed bra and knickers and sat in front row of class and how they use tease him with flash of pussy and hard nipples that blouse not hide and as was both 15 was full developed lady's the teacher was so shy and never reported them or make stay behind for telling of where they found had power of men in places and still has that power it seems as talked me into cooking meal buying bottle wine and few other things as did while only wearing 1 my shirts and teased me but after we eaten Finnish drink and before started on other stuff I told her been bad girl and got her bend over my knee and gave bum few spanks and slide hand over pussy lips that could feel was wet she turn head to look at me and said lets have the other stuff then can punish her more and as we might be going away end year together might as well have our first fuck here in warm well as I was still sitting I slipped trousers of and cock jumped into full view standing hard twitching I pulled her close and said fine lower yourself on to me looking away having picked small table up and put beside us she slipped my cock into her tight pussy and then had little smoke of what was on table and as exhaled started move up and down but passing me a pipe to smoke to she rode me and then asked for pipe I said not smoked yet so quick light and passed back she reloaded taking another suck on pipe as I held her tight as she took and blowing out quick as she cum and feeling her orgasm I trust harder and few seconds later I to cum filling her pussy we sat still for mo then she load a pipe smoked and got of me turning sitting on floor saying for me to do as well passing me a pipe that I smoked she sat opposite me saying she sit there with legs spread letting me watch my cum drip from her if she can have extra pipe well I liked view so said ok she had the smoke then with her fingers spared her pussy sliding fingers into herself and started flick my cum out herself with big drops still dripping out scoping some up started sucking her own fingers then loading pipe said she let me have if I suck her fingers to so shook my head as she was putting 3 fingers deep inside herself and offer to me suck clean and holding pipe in other hand that gave me to smoke as she now lied down and putting 3 fingers in herself again and started playing with herself thought I not satisfied her but soon see what she was doing as she raised her bum up and started shaking and squirting over me still been hard I moved to get on top and filled her shaking body with my cock and slowly fucked her again till she said pipe time have bit rest we smoke the shit then go bed as give me time be ready do again

3 months ago

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