Do i really like old men?

Around my preteen years i was introduced to porn by friends. I wasn’t fully aware this exploration was too soon. I began to only take interest in grown adults by the time i was 15. I would fantasize about random men i would see in public that caught my eye or even male teens much older than me i would flirt with. Even fantasizing about a very old uncle of mine i didn't really know well, but still found him attractive.
Now I’m 22 female with a 24yr old bf. I love him but i am always wanting to be with a much older man sexually and romantically.
I’m not sure if this is a fetish. Or if its because i was influenced at such a young age by porn. Or its just a preference i have to come to realization with.
Do you have opinions Or similar experiences?

14 days
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    • I’m 64 5’9” 150 lbs ,I’m available if you want to see if you really are attracted to older men

    • My wife fucked a lot of much older guys before we met. Yes - I'm 16 yrs older than she.
      Basically - she said it was because they were so much more appreciative of her firm young body - and made sure that she enjoyed the sex with them. They were patient - and made certain she had orgasms.
      She'd ride them plenty - or let them put her feet up my her head - folded up "like some sex doll!" - so they could get "deep into " her with their little chubby selves!
      Of course, she sprinkled her sex life with a couple of guys who she knew would give her hard, pounding sex for a long time!
      ""I'm a girl ....who likes it when a guy is on top ....holding my legs up and wide and really slamming my pussy!"

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