Im a housekeeper at a hotel and got a surprise

I started a housekeeping job at a local hotel 3mo ago. I’m married with 2 kids and needed to help my husband on bills so took this part time job. I was going room to room doing housekeeping and we must knock and announce ourselves when entering if no one comes to the door and doesn’t have a dnd hanger on the door. I walk into this room and not paying to much mind at first and I get all the way in and as I round the wall blocking the bed there is a black guy laying there butt naked jacking off to porn looking at me. I jump and say omg im sorry and start to dart back out the room and he says no no stay and watch. I hesitated and said huh. He said stay and watch, I like being seen. I was looking away and didn’t say anything and trying to process what’s happening and if this is even real. He says turn around and look. I slowly turn and he’s flopping it back and forth and starts to jackoff again. He asks if I like it. I said idk. He then says “I know it’s bigger than what you’ve ever had huh”. And it def was and I then say maybe. He starts saying “you like seeing this big dick huh” im still kinda froze and I say idk again. If I had to guess he was atleast 11in maybe a bit more. I never seen one that big in person. My husband is 8in and that’s biggest I’ve had. He said I can come closer to see better. I took a few steps forward and I’m watching. He’s saying yea baby this feels so good please stay and watch me cum. I don’t say anything and I keep watching. He asks if I ever seen a bbc this close and I said no. He then says we’ll I know you never touched one before then if you’ve never seen one this close. I said no. He lets go and says grab it. I said idk. He starts jacking off again and says it will be the first and may not happen again. He asked again and says I don’t have to hold it just touch it. I put my finger out and he lays it on my finger and I pull away. He said see it wasn’t that bad, you touched a bbc now. I laugh and he says “you know you wanna grab hold to it” I am getting a little turned on at this point and it’s so big and I am thinking what he said saying it prolly won’t happen again. I’m thinking about my husband also but then back to never happening again and he’s not from here and will never see him again. I said ok and he scoots over and says sit down and grab this mf. I sit down and grab hold to it and can’t even wrap my hand all the way around. He said look you can put 2 hands on and still not cover most of it. I grabbed with my other hand and still had room for another hand lol. I let go and he starts jacking off again and says watch me bust a thick load. I said ok and as he’s jacking off he asks if I’d be down to jerk it and make it cum. I said idk about that. I’m still sitting and he lets go and says grab it again. I grab it and holding it and he says go up and down. I start going up and down and my god it’s huge and I can barley stroke it. He said use both hands. I grab with my other hand and start going harder and faster. He grabs lotion and said put your hands out. He puts lotion on my hands and I grab it again with both and start going all the way over his head and all the way down to the base. His legs start to tense up and moving and he’s saying yea baby harder harder and I’m stroking harder and fast af at this point and then boom thick load of cum starts shooting out and keeps cumming and I’m like wow omg and he said keep going and it’s still cumming and then finally stops and I let go. I’ve never seen so much thick cum. He said he will clean it up and I don’t have to do anything else in his room and says thank you and I know you will temper this forever and think about it. I laughed and said your welcome and walked out. I’m kinda in shock at what just happened and I feel something running down my leg. I reached in my pants and I’m soaked. I went straight to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet and I literally have a string of pussy juice dangling out and my panties are drenched and my thighs are wet. I start rubbing my pussy and my hand just slides everywhere on it. I rub my clit and start fingering myself and think how thick his dick was and was basically as wide as my hand. I put 3 fingers in and then 4 and I’m thinking about his cock and I can’t get my whole fist in but 4 fingers to my knuckles and I’m fingering hard at this point. It’s a one stall bathroom thank god bc all you hear is wet pussy noise lol. I’m thinking about that huge cock I just jacked off and then him cumming and omg I cum back to back. I sat there for a sec then went back to work. Went home to my husband and keeping this to myself till the day I die.

14 days
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    • Great job honey! Many husbands dream of seeing their wives do what you did. You know your husband better than anyone though. If he'd leave you, hea take it to your grave. I had an affair for about 8 months, sneaking around etc. I thought I kept it a secret, what I didn't know was my wife was having an affair with the woman I was seeing husband. When it all unfolded, we all fucked each other for another year and they ended up divorcing. The husband still comes around now and then and we all 3 fuck and suck each other. I hope you enjoyed yourself honey! Big black cock is delicious!

    • You should've fuck him right there.

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