My pregnant wife

I never through I would be thinking this or ok with this but for some odd reason since my wife has gotten pregnant I kinda want to see another guy fuck her and cum inside her. I would have never thought this before but since she’s pregnant I feel like I would be ok with it. Is that bad? Has anyone else thought they would never allow their wife to fuck another guy but then randomly feel like now you might would be ok with it? To see another dick fucking her and cum running out her pussy is starting to feel hot to me. But only while she’s pregnant. Not after

14 days
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    • I have my hot wife bred black then we give the baby for adoption. I love having her black breeding and fucking as many of the men she thinks might be baby daddy

    • I've been bred black three times... always enjoy walking in public places with my white husband... and then the questions oh did you adopt? Things of that nature people being inquisitive! I love their faces when I say no these are ours and then they always ask well how long have you guys been married. They do the math and they know them that my husband is the best cuckold you can have!

    • I've been thru this exact same position you're going thru, actually, go ahead and email me and I can tell you all about it😋🤷

    • Had two affairs in my 40 year marriage. Both were when I was pregnant by my husband. Different guys, the second time we had sex right before the birth, I was late, so we took the advice off friends and had some really freaky sex, which at the beginning I was only looking for something to start my labor, but after he got me off on oral, I really got into it and actually found I was craving sex. We did it for hours, fell asleep in his arms, what woke us up was my water breaking. Looking back it was hilarious as we thought that the sex was so good I squirted,

    • My husband didn't know I was having sex with my boss during both my pregnancies. My husband refused to have sex with me as soon as he found out I was pregnant. Claimed 'he might hurt the baby'. Well, we all know that's not possible and btw he ain't that big either. I know it was because he was repulsed because of my belly.
      During my first pregnancy, my boss started flirting with me. We were working late and he gave me a foot rub. I know it was to look up my skirt. Things got crazy. His wife was out of town, we went there and did it the first time.

    • Haha, same situation but it was with a coworker. 1st pregnancy no sex at all, then it happened during the second, but with my coworker, foot rub, then up my legs, and then my legs opened. Mark had a lovely house, his wife was always out or away, so it was perfect. We only had sex during my pregnancy. We stopped after my 4th child.

    • Love watching my wife with her Man friend
      She was in her late 50s....
      Enjoy 😉 every minute.

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