Wife loves showing bare chest

My wife and I went to a topless beach on our honeymoon. We were both in our 40’s and when my wife saw other women topless she wanted to try it too. We had a great honeymoon and she went topless every day on the beach. She admitted she liked the guys on the beach checking out her bare chest. I took lots of pictures and video of the beach and my lovely wife. Her girlfriends were envious that we went to an island and she went topless. I had guys over to watch a football game and At halftime we got to talking about our trip to the island. I put one of the videos on the big screen which showed how beautiful the island and beach was. It also included some nice video of my wife. The guys recognized her and said dude your wife has gorgeous titties. I agreed. As luck would have it my wife came home and walked in just as the video was showing her on the beach. She said OMG why are you showing them this video. She was very tan in the video and looked gorgeous. I said I was just showing them video of the island and beach and then there you were. The guys all complimented her on how nice she looked in the video. She shook her head and said You guys just like boobies. They laughed and said yeah but these were her boobies. She just said she did have a good time. We went back to the game and things seemed normal. My wife was just being social with everyone and the game got a little boring because the score was 45 to 0. The guys started teasing my wife about if she would ever do it again. She said it had been a few years and she was older now but if we ever went back she would probably do it again. They said why wait, do it now. She shook her head no she didn’t think so. They goaded her by saying you know you liked being topless and looked at. She smiled and said it was fun. I looked at my wife and said why don’t you go topless for them it will probably be fun again. She looked at me and said you liked showing me off on the beach didn’t you? I said absolutely. I walked over to her and started unbuttoning her blouse and said I like showing you off everywhere. She chuckled and said what are you doing? I said showing you off. She watched as I unbuttoned the last button and said really? Here? Now? I said I always wanted to show her to my friends. I pushed her blouse off of her shoulders and off of her arms. She stood in front of me in her bra and blushed a little when one of the guys said we saw them in the video we would like to see the real thing. She looked me in the eye and said are you really going to make me go topless in front of your friends? I said I’m not going to make you do anything but they are your friends too and I would love to show her pretty titties to them. I said I’ll stop if you want me too. She looked at the guys and back at me. I said just pretend you are at the beach again. She smiled and turned her back to me and faced the guys and said show em if you want to. I put the video on again in place of the game showing my wife topless on the big screen. Then I unclasped her bra. She said OMG you’re really going to do it? I gently slid her bra off her arms exposing her gorgeous boobies as she called them. The guys roared telling her they were much better in person. She glanced at me and back at the guys all looking at her topless. She whispered in my ear that she felt excited like at the beach. I said then enjoy yourself and show the guys your boobies. The guys stayed about an hour longer and enjoyed her boobies. After they left sex was great. We talked a while laying in bed and she said thank you. I said for what? She said for being ok with her being topless. She said she never told me but she loves showing herself topless. She said she loved it at the beach but realized she didn’t have to be at the beach. She loves guys looking at her boobies and feels sexy as they see her nipples too. I said so you enjoyed tonight? She said OMG yes. She said feeling me unclasp her bra and take it off her for the guys was the best. I asked if she would do it again? She said there was something about showing her boobies she loved and she would be happy to show em anytime. We have had several get togethers with friends and all I have to say is I think you should show your boobies and she is all for it. She does like me to take off her blouse and bra but she loves showing them. Sometimes its all guys and sometimes there are other women there too but she loves being topless and showing her nipples.

Does anyone else have a woman that likes to show off topless?

14 days
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