Very shy but adventurous wife

My wife, 40 years old with two grown kids, 5’ 2” and 110 lbs, nice body and grapefruit size chest is very shy but adventurous. On vacation in another country she went topless on the beach but very shy about it. She liked being looked at but had to be coached into things.

At a get together with some of my friends she got real embarrassed as the guys kept trying to look up her skirt as she played pool. Trying to lift her skirt with their pool sticks she kept laughing and telling them to stop. She was winning a pool game and had an easy shot to win and one of the guys said 20 dollars against your skirt on this shot. It was so easy she took the bet. She made the shot but the cue ball went in too so she lost. She squealed OMG no. She came running to me saying I can’t believe I did that. She giggled saying what do I do I lost my skirt. I said just take it off, it won’t be any different than being in your swimsuit on the beach. She said I guess but this is so embarrassing. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall revealing her slim legs and cute butt in her thong. She laughed and said OMG, OMG they are seeing me in a thong. She finally got over the embarrassment and seemed to be ok.

She went from pool to playing darts. She was actually doing pretty good but the guy she was playing against was a tournament player but she didn’t know that. He was hustling her and she didn’t know it. He said 50 dollars? She said against what? He said we get to see you topless. She shyly said you want to see my boobies? She came to me and said I’m afraid to play. If I lose they want to see my boobies. I told her she was ahead by a lot but if she lost it would be like going topless on the beach. She decided to take the bet and of course she lost. She put her head on my chest and said I lost honey I can’t believe I lost. She said I’m so scared and embarrassed I have to show my boobies. I said it’s no different than the beach. She said yes it is. On the beach I didn’t know anyone and wouldn’t see them again anyway. Here she said I know them all they are our friends. I said yes but she should feel safe about that. She said safe yet but embarrassing. Our friends are going to see me in just a thong. I assured her it would be ok. She said I can’t believe this is happening. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. She turned around and said will you undue my bra? I did and she turned bright red when she felt it come undone. I slipped it off slowly showing her pretty chest. She squirmed and in a whiny shy voice said OMG our friends are all seeing my boobies. After I got it completely off she kind of covered them up. The guy that won came over to her and said don’t be shy and took her hands away from her chest and said I want to see these boobies. He held her hands away from her chest so he could look at them. She kind of fought against his grasp which made her boobies jiggle from side to side. She had good size boobs but they weren’t hard and bounced and jiggled when she moved. He said shake those babies for me. She giggled and bit her lower lip and shook her boobies for him so he could watch them move. He said very nice and let go of her hands. She covered them immediately and red with embarrassment said I’m glad you like them.

All the guys wanted to see them. They would call her over to where they were at and would take her hands like the first guy away from her chest so they could view her boobies. She was so embarrassed each time but let each of them have a good look at her bare chest. She came back to me still covering her chest. I turned her towards the guys and pulled her arms to her side. She whined oh stop they have all seen them. I shook her to make them bounce and jiggle for everyone. Then I cupped my hands on them and wiggled them around. She said OMG do you have to show them how much they move. I laughed and said I think it’s sexy when they move.

I called one of the guys over and as I held her arms I said feel how soft they are. She protested quietly as he touched her boobies. She looked up at me and said shyly and softly uummm he’s touching my boobies. I said does it feel bad? She took a deep breath as he caressed her erect nipples. She said oh, ooohh as she watched him fondle her boobies. I said I want you to feel comfortable showing your boobies. They are very pretty. She said letting him touch them was ok with me. I said good, relax And have fun. I called them all over one by one and let them feel her boobies. She said all of them get to feel my boobies? I said if thats ok with you? She shyly said I guess so. I still held her arms as each one came and fondled her breasts. She called each one by name as they approached her saying you are going to touch them too? Then looked at them and down at what they were doing. The last one approached and she called him by name and said you too? He said I just want to play with your nipples. She said OH shocked at what he said and then said shyly, be gentle with them they are sensitive. Her and I both watched as her hard nipples were getting the business. She looked up at me and said he’s as good as you are on my nipples. He said nothing like pretty boobies with pretty nipples. She said as she was breathing heavy, shyly and red with embarrassment, I’m glad you like them. What you are doing feels good. She looked around and realized everyone was watching her get her boobies and nipples felt. When everyone had their turn. I hugged her and said was that so bad? She giggled and said in her shy voice OMG all our friends have fondled my boobies. She said fun but embarrassing.

She said she had to go to the bathroom and everyone watched her walk boobies jiggling. Surprisingly she returned still in just her thong and said can I get dressed now. I told her yes but I would rather she didn’t. She said now what? I said now nothing, I would just like you to socialize and play pool or darts and just enjoy the guys enjoying her in just a thong. She had a couple of drinks and played pool and if the guys said let me have a look she would stop and embarrassed and blushing let them see her boobies. She laughed and said no more betting. I’m not losing my panties. Everyone jokingly laughed and booed her statement.

Later when everyone left she said she was scared shitless and embarrassed at all our friends seeing her in just a thong. She said and YOU HOLDING ME SO THEY COULD ALL TOUCH MY BOOBIES! She said I was so embarrassed when they were doing it but excited at the same time. She said she wanted to do it but was embarrassed because when she sees our friends again she will know they saw her in a thong and played with her boobies. I said maybe next time it will be easier. She said NEXT TIME? Then shyly laughed and said embarrassing as it was it was still fun. I laughed and said maybe next time she will lose her thong too. She said OMG I cant let them see my love lips too. She squealed again and shyly said but you can take them off now. Like I said, shy but adventurous.

Mar 18


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    • Have a gf that is shy too but with a little encouragement will try just about anything. Have had similar experiences with her and friends over. She is especially bold if there are other women there encouraging her. Her boobies have come out a few times. I find that if other women are doing it, she has to do it too.

    • Awful story

    • Long and lame…..copy and paste shit

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