I finally squirted!

Didn’t know of anywhere else to post this and remain anonymous but here. I have always seen videos of other girls squirting and I’ve always wanted to but never happened. I looked up ways but it didn’t work at the time. Well earlier today I got home and got the urge to masturbate. I have a dildo and a vibrator that I use sometime but mainly just my fingers. I was fingering watching videos and decided to grab my toys. I started using my dildo and then decided to do my vibrator on my clit while using my dildo. Well as I’m going in and out there was this certain spot my dildo would hit and my clit would pulse and feel extremely good. I found that spot and held my dildo there as my vibrator was on my clit. It started pulsing and pulsing and it got almost to the point of me pulling the dildo out but I pushed through it and then my whole body got so tight and I couldn’t move and I feel my dildo pushing forward and I couldn’t hold it there anymore and had to let go of it and soon as I did my dildo came out of my pussy and I squirted to the end of my bed and it kept squirting and I’m basically yelling having an orgasm and omg it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had! I wanted to try again but my pussy was so sensitive and I couldn’t touch it at all. Will 100% do the same thing from here on out when I masturbate. I plan on trying again tonight. I love it!!

14 days
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    • I love for my wife to squirt all over my face. I told my buddy, he swears it's pee, I've had her piss on me also. Piss isn't that good, but when she squirts, it has a sweeter taste. It may be just an in the moment thing, but once it happened, I crave it now! She squirts hard also and I'm right there to catch every bit in my mouth and all over my face! I love it! Good on ya for figuring this out, not to have a man's face down there when it happens! No need in wasting delicious squirt!

    • Prove it daddybigbad@yahoo.com

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