Cannot get over wife’s past

After forty plus years married to my wife, I still cannot get over my wife’s past lovers.
She said before me she had 12 lovers in total,(I suppose I have to believe that) one was her first husband.
But among her total of 12, she was fucked by a couple of teenagers, they were 17 and 18 when she was separated from her first husband and she was 23 .
One teenager continued to fuck her for two years before me.
She sucked his cock and he made her climax with him!
She Even admitted that he was a good lover, after two years of fucking my wife to be.
(even though he came as soon as he got it up her for the first time!)
Just cannot get over this one after all these fucking years!

1 month ago

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    • My wife sits me down. Good News, bad news. The good news her sister's father in law left her $80,000. The bad news the daughter Karen contested, said the $80,000 was for blowjobs. She could hear BJ sounds and moaning when she was alone in the room. He told a friend, sort of bragged, my Jill was sucking him off. The judge said you can't prove all or any part was for BJs. And the going rate he googled was $50. She would have given 1,600. You probably can only prove one anecdotally. "Because the sex factor this case is sealed, but tongues are wagging. She wants revenge by gossip."
      Jill, tell the truth, the $80,000 buys you a pass - "Old Bob had a big hard dick till the end when I washed it. I gave him plenty, maybe 50. one an hour before he passed with a big simile." She got another $40,000 taking care of him. Jill says the Karen was fucking the pool boy -- why else would they be in the pool house an hour together.

    • Guess you should probably just drown her

    • My wife was in a band, toured for years from late 80s to about 2005, she fucked and sucked probably 1000 guys. She's a little worn around the edges sure but she knows to suck me every single day and do any weird role playing I want. Point is, she's mine now. Remember that.

    • Didn't you have sex too?

    • She is really sexy with all of its attributes. Enter into three- or four-some with the past lovers of her by turn - every one will be happy fucking!

    • She has a healthy sexual apatite. Love to hear my wife's slutty college days, some kid humping her at a frat party. He was warming her up for me.

    • You keep writing these stories about your wife's past! What is you problem with it? Really OP please tell me what the problem is. Also what skeletons do you have in your closet that your wife might not like? I'm asking nicely not being mean.

    • To answer your question,
      It does get to me thinking about her letting them fuck her before me.
      Has done since day one we met. Now I get turned on by thinking of them having her before me.
      Yes I do have skeletons in my closet too.

    • First it is just sex! She didn't murder anyone or rob a bank.
      Have to told your wife about the skeletons you have? And how would you feel if she did the same thing you are doing.

      Why does the men in her past turn you on? If anything that should be a major turn off because you're thinking about men.
      You should forget the past and worry about the future because what you feel on the inside often shows on the outside. Your wife might pick up on your vibes and not be comfortable with them.

      Don't be like the other idiots here wanting to see there wives fucked by other men. Most external sexual affairs end up with divorce.

      Please just love your wife, forget her past and don't do anything to jeopardize your marriage.

    • PS Go see a therapist if you can't get your wife's past out of your head! Marriage is hard at first but it gets better with age.
      Married over 30 years and I can't see life without my wife! It is a great feeling!!!

    • Retroactive jealousy is a tough thing for men.
      People tend to treat it like “why don’t you forget it and grow a pair” well it’s not that easy. It’s obsessive thoughts. It usually has nothing to do with your partner. It sucks. For anyone to say “it’s just sex” is probably the worst thing you can hear. Get help ignore what everyone thinks

    • So is your wife banging post man too?

    • WTF?

    • I’m still processing the fact that my wife admitted that she had a crush on her friends dad since she was 15, and actually had sex with him at 18 and it lasted a total of 6 years. And til this day they’re all still friends and we were just at their house last weekend. Of course her friend doesn’t know as he’s still married

    • Fuck you and that fake incest reply!

    • How is a friend's Dad incest? They are not related.

    • Don't try and reason with The Retard. The Retard is beyond reasoning with.

    • Is she still having sex with him?

    • I always loved to hear my wife tell me about past lovers, she had a lot of them, young ,old, black, white, latino, women too, We would talk about it when fucking, great

    • Must be honest it also turns me on thinking of her doing it with them all

    • Yeah. Just get over it already, you have been getting first dibs for 40 years. Some people don't even live that long.

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