Older Sister Revenge Part 2

Well after my sister busted me for fucking her in her sleep and cuming deep in her pussy. She told me she was going to tell mom that her and Brian fooled around and he accidentally ejaculated inside of her vagina to see if mom would get her a morning after pill. My sister told me I better keep my mouth shut and I agreed in fear she was going to kick my ass. My sister went to our mom after dad left to play golf and heard their voices raise a little then it got quiet. When my sister came down stairs she motioned me to her room.
She told me mom was totally against the morning after pill and forbidden it. I said what now and she said she would take a pregnancy test in a few weeks to see if she’s pregnant and if she is she going to have to have unprotected sex with Brian to make sure he thinks the baby is his. I said what did mom say if she was pregnant. Sister said mom would help her raise the baby. I was really nervous about the possibility that I got my older sister pregnant and slept very little the next two weeks.
It didn’t stop me from jacking off in my sisters panties though and I even didn’t try to hide it from her. When I was done spewing my load in them and I always made sure I soaked the crotch of them I would just put them on the top of her dirty clothes in her hamper cum dipping from them.
One Saturday night she came home early from her date with Brian and she went straight to her room. Mom and dad were gone for the weekend.
I saw my sister come out of her room and go upstairs and about 5 minutes later come back downstairs and back to her room. It was about 10PM and she comes to the living room wearing a long sleep shirt and sit in the chair watching tv with me.
About 10 minutes later she said I want to show you something come to my room. I followed her and she has this stick looking thing on her dresser she picked up and said I took another pregnancy test and it’s negative. I’m like what does that mean and she looks at me and said it means I’m not pregnant. She lightly pushes me back and I sit on the edge of her bed she pulls her night shirt over her head and off. She’s wearing very sexy satin and lace matching panties and bra. The color is between a shiny gold and beige with black lace inserts in the front. I’m like sis what are you wearing and what are you doing. She pushes me down on my back in the middle of her bed and said I hope you like what I’m wearing and I know you’re going to love what I’m about to do to you. She pulls my shorts off and underwear in one swoop. She then leans up removing my shirt and she’s straddling me. She slides down takes my dick in her moist warm mouth giving me a blow job. Of course I’m instantly hard. She pulls her lips off my cock and whispers you like your older sister sucking your cock don’t you. Then she takes my very hard cock and rubs it between her tits and that silky lacy bra and says does that feel good little brother. I can just mumble yeah and she says you like my tits in moms bra. I’m like what and she said that right little brother this is mom’s lingerie I’m wearing and I’m going to fuck you while I’m wearing them so enjoy. She crawls up her thighs on each side of my hips grabs my dick and rubs it lightly on her panty covered crotch. She asked me how’s mom’s panties feel on your hard cock and she said watch this and with her fingers she opens the crotch up and said these are open crotch panties brother. Then she sit straight down on my dick her pussy is wet and just engulfed my whole cock deep in her. She starts rocking back and forth slowly I feel her light red pubic hair rubbing on my lower stomach. She looks at me and says this feels so much better with me awake instead of you raping me. My sister is on top of me riding my dick slowly and say I’m in control now little brother and leans to me rubbing her tits on my chest and said you want to suck my titties little brother? She pulled her tits out of her bra and placed her nipples on my mouth and said suck them gently and I did. While I was sucking her tits and she’s still rocking back and forth on my dick she whispers again and says I’m going to make you cum in my pussy and starts riding me faster. She moaning and telling me she cuming on my cock and in mom’s panties. She looks at me and says come on little brother cum in my pussy I’m ovulating right now knock me up. That did it I shot ropes and ropes of cum straight up her pussy she slowing down her pace and rests to a stop me still fully li side her and she said your cum is so warm in my pussy. She the said now for raping me it’s time for me to get even and train you. I’m like what are you talking about. She said you’re going to learn how to eat pussy little brother. She disengages herself from me and crawls up my chest. The crotch of her panties or I should say mom’s panties are soaked with our sexual excretions. She plants her crotch right over my face it smell musky and strong almost a bleach smell. She tells me kiss my pussy little brother and I sort of kissed it and she says now lick my pussy and she grabs the back of my head and pulls me to her crotch. She start rubbing her soaked pussy up and down telling me to stick my tongue out so she can ride it. After about ten minutes she lets me go and we get take a shower together. I asked her in the shower what did ovulating mean and she smiles at me and said it the perfect time for a woman to get pregnant. Two weeks later she took another pregnancy test and it was positive. She told me it’s time to let Brian fuck her bareback and get him to cum in her pussy so he thinks the baby is his. That way mom and dad won’t kill us both.

22 days
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