Love watching my gf with other men

Some time ago I admitted to my long term girlfriend that I would often fantasise about watching her have sex with a total stranger. As soon as she was sure it was what I really wanted, she was wiilling to give it a try, especially when I assured her that I had no interest in being with other women in front of her, as she wouldn’t want to share me in that way. Even though our first hook up was a little awkward, I found it intensely erotic to see another man undress my sexy lady and admire her naked body while she allowed his hands to explore every part of her. Seeing her suck his cock then ride it while he played with her lovely tits made me so horny I actually thought I might faint with excitement. Since then we have been doing something like this about once every three months or so, but now it's always in an out of town hotel and by hiring a male escort of her choice to fuck her.

This leads to the other part of my confession. About six months ago, she shared with me one of her secret fantasies. She had always wanted to watch me suck another man’s dick, then join in so both our mouths and tongues could be all over a stranger’s cock together. She knew I had never done anything sexually with another man before but I decided to at least give it a try and fulfil her fantasy. Long story short, I’ve sucked the last two men who fucked her, both times with her watching me and then joining in with her own mouth and tongue. I’ve seen how much this drives her absolutely crazy and although I’m not attracted to men, I’ve actually enjoyed licking and sucking a couple of nice stiff cocks as part of our occasional kinky hotel hook ups.

Until now, nobody but my girlfriend has known that I’ve sucked cock or that from time to time I like to watch another man get her naked, have a free feel of her body and give her a good fucking in front of me. If anyone reads this, my secrets will of course be known by others, albeit strangers. I’m not ashamed in any way, but I’ve been wanting to share this confession for quite a while and it’s probably best to do it anonymously. I hope nobody judges me or my lady. We’re consenting adults and both love each other, but we also really enjoy these occasional naughty adventures. Thanks if you read this and if anyone else has similar interests, it would be cool if you commented.

Aug 3
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Next Confession

On our 1st lunch date she said, "I sleep naked at night"

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    • I was watching a guy we both knew pretty well. He was married but just always had his eyes on my wife’s tits and ass. I told him that my wife was always checking him out too and asked if he’d be interested in finding out more about her body but with me watching. He agreed. While he was exploring her body, I couldn’t take my eyes off this dude’s cock. Watching my wife living on his cock was cool, but when he was fucking my wife from behind in doggie, he kept leaning over so he could see her big tits wildly moving he told her it got him harder. While he’s hamming her shaved pussy, his cock slippsout. I tell him that I got it, but when I wrapped my hand around his cock to put it back in his 10” cock felt more like a horses cock. It was rock hard, thick, and wet with precum and pussy juice. He looked at me as I moved it back and forth trying to find my wife’s pussy. She got upset and reached her own hand up and guided his cock in. He really fucked her after that but he like having my hand on his man tool for sure. After he left, he sent me a text saying that he love the feeling of my hand wrapped around his cock, so did I.

    • Have you had a repeat?

    • It happened 2 years ago. His wife never found out about “her stud”, they moved. They were visiting & I asked if he wanted time with me (my wife)? My wife spent 3 hours to get ready, shaving her pussy, & legs. “I don’t want him to feel stubble”. As we got home they started kissing. I hate kissing. She moaned as he groped her tight ass & another groped her bulging tits in that cock-tail dress! She modeled her outfit! That was the sexiest I’ve seen her. My cock was hard just watching. I hadn’t fucked her in werks because of him. He is very strong & carried her up stairs to our bedroom. He lifted her dress & kissed her thighs up to her pussy. He pulled off her thong and within a few minutes she pushed his head to her pussy, then came. She didn’t cum before on his face. He quickly undressed & his cock seemed even bigger. I told him that & he said he was nervous the 1st time. He stood my wife up & undressed her in minutes. He always loved her DDD tits & they were both loving attention. He touched her body every where while watching me. He even spread her cheeks, burying his face but she couldn’t handle his tongue in her ass. He started fucking her doggy, like before. She was so wet and he had precum but she like it when he spit in his hand and lubed his cock. He went slow, but not really, he just wanted to fuck her brains out. When he got his whole cock in, he pulled her hips closer, & she gasped “Your fucking thick!” Unlike last time he slapped her ass hard, leaving a mark! Then started fucking her hard, grabbing her elbows, her long hair like reins, anywhere to get deeper. I was stroking my cock but it was hard to watch but exciting. He kept leaning sideways, her tits slapping each other each thrust. My wife would reach under to feel his cock enter her pussy, I gave it a try & I loved his hard cock going inside her! After he left, I spent an hour cleaning my wife’s pussy up from her girlfriend’s stud husband. I’m glad they are not closer but not my wife.

    • Email me pics.?!!! //

    • We was in our late50s. ..been there....Done it...loved it ...
      Great watching your wife with another man...

    • Can I see a pic of ur gf.??? 😅😁😁

    • We have done this many of times. We love it

    • You should let them cum inside of her, I think my woman should always have another man’s cum inside of her so I can feel it on my cock while I fuck her, it feels so good

    • My husband drove me crazy wanting to watch me have sex with other men and when I finally agreed to do it he loved watching me
      I guess it was the fourth time I had brought a guy home with me and my husband was watching me sucking his cock and he was holding my hair back and he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek while I still had the other guys dick in my mouth. I let go of the guys dick and kissed my husband and our mouths were maybe an inch away from the guys dick I just pushed my husbands head down and he opened his mouth that was the first time he had a guy's cock in his mouth and to be honest he did a good job with it . After that night we both would give head to other men the best part was when my husband finally got to swallow cum from a guy it was a s so hot to watch him making a guy cum with his mouth .

    • Very nice story. Have you done
      it again?

    • Wow! I bet watching you hubby swallow makes having sex with those men more enjoyable.

      Knowing you are married to a beta-male but still get to enjoy an alpha male

    • I was living with a guy that was bi. I had a 64yr old sd that bought me stuff for sex..
      I told my roomie. he asked to eat me after I met by sd. I was down with it.

    • I hope you get the cum! My only stipulation when my wife and I started venturing out is I always get the cum. She hates it so it makes things perfect. There's nothing better than eating her after she's been fucked by a stranger. I then will clean him up and get him ready again, sometimes my wife is done so I get him all to myself. Other times we fuck, suck and I eat cum all night. I hope you and your wife continue to explore your sexuality. Onky thing is never bring in a friend and don't go catching feelings for someone else!!! Always go to sleep in the evenings with your wife and thank her

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