On our 1st lunch date she said, "I sleep naked at night"

I asked this somewhat younger blonde cutie co-worker to lunch.
I sort of had to wait in line to get that date settled. She had other suitors. Many of them....she is cute as a button and sexy!
But I did persist.. She met me at a casual restaurant - I tried to buy our lunch but she refused. We both knew she was paid a lot more than me! She bought her own.
I mentioned the the current heat wave we were experiencing - and said I'm tired a lot due to lack of sleep in this heat. She replied - "Oh I know! I've always slept with nothing on - but now I'm sleeping naked on top of my sheets!"....then she got up to use the ladies room.
Damn girl! What a comment , on our first date!
I very much think this was to give me a chance to enjoy her cute butt in those tight slacks....and to mentally undress her ...imagining her spread naked on her bed and wonder if she were a natural blonde?
She continued to be somewhat more 'speedy' than me. For example after our first real date (to a Monet exhibit in NYC) I thought I'd make us dinner. She watched me preparing stuff for a while, then turned me around and leaned into me - putting her tongue in my mouth. I had been divorced and 'woman-less' for 18 mos and I pushed her back just a bit, reminded her again how long I'd been without a woman - and laughingly cautioned her that she is in danger of being "raped" if she doesn't stop that!
She took my hand and led me to my couch.....where we necked and fucked like we'd invented sex!
BTW - she IS a natural blonde!
I've enjoyed picking her lovely blonde pubes out of my teeth every time I go down on this kid, my wife!
Why was she so 'speedy'? She'd had a crush on me for some time - and kept flirting with me - until I thought it was my idea to ask her to lunch!

Aug 3
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    • This is called genuine desire. My wife was a bit prudish in general yet I got in those panties on the second date. It still embarrasses her she gave it up to me so easily

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