I’ve watched a ton of porn as have most men, and 99% end with the guy blowing his load on the pretty girls face. I’ve jerked off hundreds of times watching a huge cum blast splatter all over a girls lips, mouth, eyes and hair and loved it every time. Naturally I’ve always wanted to experience covering a woman’s face with my own sticky load. I had a gorgeous girlfriend about 25 years ago- sweet young blond curls, huge tits, fine tight ass. I always wanted to jizz in her face so one time I didn’t beat off for like 3 weeks when she was away, so my balls were ready to explode. Unfortunately when she got back the only place we could be together was outside in public, so she could only give me a handjob. When I came on the seat of a bench we were on the size of my load was as big as I’ve ever seen. It pooled into a circle the size of a dinner plate- absolutely humongous! So years later I’ve got another girlfriend- same blond, even bigger tits, tiny little ass. I tell her straight out that I want to cum in her face and she’s totally into it. After fucking around I straddled her face from behind her head, my cock hard and dangling over her tongue. She went crazy licking my balls as I jerked my cock as hard as I could. My asshole was right over her face as I sat a little bit to let her slippery tongue get up into my asscrack too. I couldn’t take it any longer and my cock exploded a giant stream of warm cum . I aimed it right at her upper lip and in seconds she had cum dripping all over her entire beautiful face. I avoided her eyes but her cheeks , forehead, hair, and lips got my best shot. She looked so fucking hot, it was everything I thought it would be.

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  • My wife is not into facials, but allows it once in awhile. I had told her I wanted to cum on her face prior to it happening, maybe a few weeks. It was on a lunch break in our trailer house we had just moved into. We were in our bed room on a mattress on the floor. I laid on my back while she sucked me. When I was close she asked if I wanted to cum on her face, I said yes and stood up. She looked up calmly, no dirty talk or moaning porn bullshit, just sat on her knees with her tits out and her hands on my knees and watched me rub my cock, (might have been the first time I jerked off in front of her now that I think about it) I stroked it til I was ready then squeezed tight and let the pressure build, then let it out. I was 22 at the time, and I don't think I had jerked off that morning, or it was just the excitement, but I unloaded what looked like a gallon on her face. It went up her nose and in her left eye and a string up in her hair. Her eye got very red, and she said it hurt. The whole thing left me shaking just for the rush of doing it. That was 12 years ago, and I've cum on her face maybe 20 times since, filmed it a few times. At this point we both know if we're going to go twice, I recover quicker, and more completely, if I cum on her face. I always make sure to eat her out real good and give her a great fucking after she gives me a blowjob with a facial.

  • I love getting my face covered in cum :)

  • The widow down the street wouldn’t mind if I did as long as I fucked her long and hard afterwards.

    Thinking often of her because my wife never allow me to do that with her.

  • Never waste your cum with me. If it’s not in my pussy or my stomach you’ve failed

  • Facials are the lamest thing in porn ever and I've never met a woman who wanted one.

  • LOL what a load of shit, so you speak for all us girls? because you don't speak for me. i have let many guys do that to me and enjoyed most of them (not in the eyes) i think you've not met the right girl x

  • Well guess im one of the few then as i like it, looking up at the guy and feeling it land on my face. i like it
    sophie xxx

  • WOW sophie I just love you darling xxx

  • Same here

  • Yeah, l will accept a facial the odd time if a guy really gets off on it, but really l would rather just have you nut in my mouth and l will swallow it all.

  • I totally agree, I’d swallow before taking a load in my face

  • Would you rim my asshole?

  • Yes, as long as it is clean.

  • Absolutely clean sweetheart. I’d want to return the favor sooo bad

  • You sound like a fantastic lady. I’d love to overflow your mouth with my big jizz load .

  • I love a large load, won't spill a drop.

  • Damn u r making my cock hard

  • Ha! unlucky you!

  • Been married to my wife for 15 years and she still likes having cum shot on her. Not necessarily her face but she likes it on her tits and on her ass

  • I had a girlfriend who liked me to try to fill up her belly button with my jizzum. I had to try to "hit the hole" after pulling out of her tight squack . Hard to control the ejaculate, at first, but I got better at it with much practice.

  • Does she ever pull her Ass cheeks apart so you can shoot directly onto her asshole? My wife does that

  • Porn is a form of slavery that enslaves men into servitude of lust ,envy , sacrifice, sinful bigotry and pedo ways . Believe me I seen what porn does to the mind , there used to be a google app in which child molesters used to watch children have sex with children , I reported it to google and Apple and they banned this app and the East Indian who made it . Porn does not make a man better , porn makes a good man into a bad man and he does not even know it , that he is a slave to porn .

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