Oops I did it again

I’m a male bi and I live in remote NH and love to dress and be sissy. Better yet is to ride a dildo when dressed and best of all is to do it outdoors.

Today was reasonably warm and sunny and I went to my favorite private riverside spot to dress in only my slutty schoolgirl skirt, fake tits and push up bra with tank top. It’s my favorite spot because it’s out of the wind and in the sun, so private, I feel relaxed nobody will come or hear me, and also because it has a big fallen tree I use to straddle and ride.

I fasten a 7” dildo to the tree using a belt system I created to hold it on tight. The way the tree has fallen and the shallow angle it’s at allows me to choose my ride depending on mood. Feet on the ground and ride bouncing my cunt hard up and down. Feet off the ground and sort of struggle to ride. Or tip toes just touching, giving a bit of control but also a feeling of desperation to fuck. This is the “just right” middle one I call the Goldilocks position (and yes I like the image too). I lube up and ride cock like a slut while I moan, whimper, beg, and eventually orgasm and ejaculate with a loud groan.

Aug 3
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    • I have the same anal fetish. It started as a young boy. I stuck things up my ass and learned to fuck myself up the ass at a very young age. Share this with my cousin one time and he was all too happy to let me take his dick in my ass. He fucked me and came inside of me, and I was hooked and let him fuck my ass all the time.
      I loved getting fucked and taking his cum up my ass. I never said no and even asked him to fuck me many times. One summer day he and I met down in the woods by the creek where we went to fuck, and he had a friend with him. Right away he told me they were both going to fuck me and if I didn`t want to I should leave. I stayed and he told me to take my clothes off and I did. They both got naked, and his friend had a huge Mexican dick already dripping and very hard. My cousin was fucking me on my hands and knees from behind and the next thing I know this huge Mexican dick is forcing its way between my lips and he is grabbing my head telling me to suck it!!
      About the time my cousin is emptying his nuts in my asshole this huge Mexican dick goes off in my mouth and he makes me swallow all that I can then he moves behind me, and he is not very gentle at all as he forces that huge dick up my ass then starts to fuck me hard.
      My cousin is really getting in to watching this huge dick fuck my tight white ass. He fucks me hard for a very long time then shoot a huge warm load up my ass. We hang out there a few hours as they both take turns on me at both ends and after that not only do I get his big Mexican dick real often he brings his hung Mexican friends to fuck me too.
      It was pretty common for me to get gang fucked by a few hung Mexicans and I liked taking big hard brown cock up my ass. I could never get enough, and I always liked taking as much cum up my ass as they could put in me. Big hard fat Mexican dick is just very good.

    • Ohh honey that's lovely. Sissy boys are fun, I love dominating a panty sissy.

    • Are you petite and look like a girl or are you all fat and nasty looking. Like to run into something like this while hiking but I have a small duck and can't penetrate very big sissies.

    • Not petite but not fat. Tall, fairly slim. 6’0” 175. I’d love to be encountered as you hike.

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