My naughty fetishes

I'm a 24 y.o. girl with a couple kinks that I've never told anyone. One is when I masturbate--I put the back of my suction dildo against my clit and stroke the dildo like it's a cock to stimulate myself to orgasm. I don't wish I was a guy or anything but it feels so naughty and it's my favorite way to make myself come.

I also love to imagine farting on a guy's cock--I did once by accident and even though I was embarrassed, I was really turned on. I'd love to find a guy that's into it too.

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  • When you say you like to fart on a guy's cock, do you mean farting with it inserted in your ass , or queefing with it inserted in your pussy ?

  • My girlfriend is very noisy when we have sex with her ass in the air and her head on the bed. I do her from behind and pull my cock all the way out, and all the way back in. She has loud sloppy sounding pussy farts that we both like to hear. We laugh and giggle trying to make them louder and sloppier sounding. And I love the sensation of her big pussy lips vibrating on my cock.

  • Omg same girl, my bf loves me to fart during anal lol. I've never tried the dildo thing but I bet it would feel so amazing from the suction.

  • The suction cup dildo thing is cool. The

  • I never try that but would love to try I live in llanbradach south Wales my name Gareth Hyde.

  • I think that is nice Darling xxx

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