Wearing my sister-in-law’s clothes and heels

My sister-in-law Ann is a sexy and successful businesswoman. I’ve always had a thing for her and I know that she was a hot slut in her younger days. So I offered to check on her house when she was away on a business trip.

My heart was pounding through my shirt as I entered her kitchen and locked the door behind me. I brought a laptop with me to watch porn videos of hot office sluts being used by multiple large cocks. When I reached her bedroom, I took all my clothes off. Earlier I had shaved my body, including my tiny cock/balls and my feminine legs smooth. I first went to her lingerie drawer and selected a a lacy and silky white thong and camisole set. Next was a pair of opaque white lace top thigh highs. My tiny cocklet was dripping with anticipation as I opened her closet. I found a white silk blouse and a tight, short and stretchy black skirt. When I slipped into all these soft, silky feminine clothes, and then into Ann’s pointy black high heel pumps, I became the slut in those porn movies.

As I watched those hot videos, I pleasured my bottom with a vibrating 12 inch dildo. I never even needed to touched my little dicklet as I came like never before, just using the dildo on (or rather “in” myself). I plan to dress like this and pleasure hot dominant men with superior cocks. I so want to be a sissy cock slut.

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  • I must admit to doing something extremely similar. I found her sexy french maid's outfit complete with crotchless thong, and rode her dildo on her bed. So embarrassing to admit

  • You must look so sexy. I’m a man and would love to do u.

  • Darling sissy you will love it, you naughty sexy girly. When you feel a naked mature man all hairy and rampant, caressing your dicklet, fingering your bottom while you are dressed in your silky lingerie, feeling so feminine, his large hands caressing your stockinged legs, with his massive erect penis probing your anus, you will be his little lady !!!!
    If you find the right man you will be in heaven, just make sure you have plenty of gel around your anus hole the first time as it will hurt a little and have you screaming, but after the initial penetration its bliss.
    I have two late middle aged married boyfriends who regularly come to my flat for sex that they don't get at home and they are loving and gentle and really appreciative and they know what I like, sexy silky lingerie under my flirty floaty silk dresses, lift my dress and lacy slip pull my French knickers aside and fuck me darling with your gorgeous erection!!!!!

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