We have been married for 19 years now kids have grown up so it's a bit of are time now , We had a holiday home and when ever we could we would use it to get away and relax , We got friendly with a old guy who used to walk his dog on the same walk has us , Has time went bye we all ended up good friends we would go out for a beer or a meal together talk about everything , Mark was 64 a widower me 40 and my wife 36 , One night Mark told me and my wife about what him and his wife used to like doing behind closed doors , He said he liked water sports also restraining his wife sexy clothes face sitting etc , Any way we all went out one night then ended up at Mark's house we had a few bottles of wine when Mark said I want to show you something , In his basement he had lots of sex toys he had a table with ankle and wrists restraints he asked my wife to lay on it at first she said no but we talked her into it , Mark strapped my wife to the table she still had her heels on her skirt was really short and riding up showing her panties , Then Mark said go on have a bit of fun so I kissed my wife then squeezed her tit I think she was enjoying it thou she half heartedly told me to stop , Then Mark slid the table apart opening my wife's legs my wife said you will rip my skirt stop then Mark pushed her skirt up to her belly then opened it wider , Again he said have fun I started rubbing her panties I think my wife was enjoying this Mark said your restricted then he cuts her panties off then he handed me a dildo , Me and my wife had never done anything like this before it felt exciting thou the thought of someone seeing my wifes body or touching her was a No No , Mark was taking control I was out of control for some reason , He said go on push it up her so I started fucking her with the dildo my wife was loving it Mark for the first time touched my wife I had mixed feelings , He kissed my wife at first she was turning away then she started kissing him back he said let's have a look at your tits he ripped her top open then pulled her bra up , My wife was wet Mark handed me a bigger dildo the first one was 8ins this one 12ins and thicker he then said ram it up her hard , I was gentle he said to my wife what do you prefer him or me he took the dildo from me then started ramming her hard he asked her to shout faster harder , This she did she was loving this then Mark started saying stuff to my wife she was a slut she always showing her panties , Then he asked her to tell the truth and repeat it my wife said yes I flash my panties on purpose im a slut , Then shock she said I love showing my tits when I'm out with the girls sometimes I show my pussy , she finally came , Mark undone her she said I need a pee Mark said let's not waste it then he laid on the floor , My wife stood over him then pissed on him when she finished she crouched over his face so he could lick her .

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  • I’d like to hear more

  • Nice Fantasy

  • Mark owns your wife now. Way to go, fucknut.

  • Nice story. I wish it was true.

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