I'm having an affair

It all started this past June when my husband and I rented a beach house in NC with his long time friend G***.
G***' and his girlfriend broke up a few weeks prior. Since he'd already scheduled the time off, we talked him into going with us anyway. On the first night, we walked to a nearby beach bar and had a few drinks. My husband goes to bed early so we went back to the beach house. The guys had a couple more glasses of bourbon and my husband was ready for bed. This was around 10pm. lol
G** and I were out back and he asked if I cared if he smoked a joint. I was in college the last time I'd smoked weed so I told him only if he shared. After a few hits, I was buzzed but not out of it. Things got flirty and the conversation got into sex. He asked how many guys I'd been with prior to my husband. I fibbed and said 3. It's actually 6. He confessed to being with 12 women. I asked him what's his type. He placed his hand on my thigh and said 'you're my type.' Whew. I could feel and electric wave go through my body. He lit a second joint and with his hand sliding up my leg asked, 'of all the guys in your past, who's bigger'. I knew this was a trick question so I told him my husband 'by far' and he's the best. Things got heated and he asked how big my husband was. I also knew this was a trick question but to be playful I went along. I'd measured him before while being silly and he's average size and 6 inches. I told G** 'he's perfect and 6.5 inches'. He placed my hand on his crotch and asked if I wanted to see what 8 inches looks like.
Being playful but also serious, I told him to behave. I left to pee and check on my husband. He was out cold and snoring loudly as usual after a few drinks of bourbon.
I came back and G** had his penis out. I was in shock at first and told him to put it away. He asked me to take a closer look. I could tell it was longer but had a much larger mushroom head. It looked like a golf ball on top. I complimented him and told him to put it away. He asked me to put my arm up against it so I could compare size. I don't know why, yes I do. I got on my knees and did. He handed me the joint, I took another hit, exhaled and licked him from the bottom to the top. He was in shock! We laughed like teenagers and I gave him oral. I could tell he was close so I stopped. I told him 'that's enough fun for the night put it up.' He asked if he could stick it in once. We playfully flirted and one thing led to another and I took off my panties, hiked up my dress and straddled him. We had sex for a few minutes. I was building up but he popped first and it was a lot!
I made the quick dash to the bathroom and put my dress in the washing machine.
I insisted he use a condom the next time. His eyes lit up and smiled when I said 'next time.'
He went shopping alone and bought a box.
That became an evening routine after my husband went to bed.
It's been a few months and we're still meeting for sex a few times a week at his condo.

Aug 1
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    • This will end badly. It always does. You are much too "cocky" to not eventually get caught. I would venture to say some part of you wants to get caught so you can end it because in the back of your mind, it probably isn't that great but you don't know how to really end it without it being "weird" and the guilt of that alone is eating you up.

      I would start getting ready for the upcoming divorce, you know it will happen. You better just hope your husband doesn't become vindictive when he finds out about your affair with his friend. An affair is bad enough, doing it with his best friend isn't just disrespectful, it is mental cruelty when your husband finds out. Not to mention you might want to find a new city to live in as your name and reputation will be trashed.

    • Technically I'm not having an affair because my husband is ok with me having sex on a regular basis with his friend.
      My husband got exposed to a chemical at work that caused him to have ED and is slowly breaking down his lungs. We got a large settlement and all his medical bills are paid for but he's slowly dying on me.
      It had been three years since I'd last had sex. Allan (not real name) went though a divorce and was hanging out with us. We'd had a few drinks and Allan blurted out how long for him. My husband told how long it had been for us. My husband said, "I'm ok if you two start taking care of each other."
      My husband added that he knew I had needs and he'd rather it be with someone we both know and I'm comfortable with.
      btw; I was raised in a strict Catholic home and until then, I've only been with my husband.
      After a long conversation and everyone was ok with the arrangement, Allan and I started having sex and we still do to this day.

    • A woman needs to have her needs met and sometimes you don’t even know what you need till you feel it cum inside of you

    • Was he really 8"? A much better fuck?

    • "Was he really 8"?"
      Maybe but I can't swear to it without measuring myself. lol
      However, he is longer than my husband.
      I must mention that I've been with the same man for 24 years, married for 22. We still have a sex life, not often, it is good but been vanilla for a long time. From what I remember from my previous ex's they were average. That was a long time ago. lol
      When I walked out and seen G** holding his penis, it was the first penis other than my husband's I'd seen in person in over 20 years. It was shocking at first but I'd never seen one with a huge mushroom head. I was a little buzzed from the pot but still in my right mind to want to hold and experience it. That was also the first time I'd given oral in years. My husband don't care for it. G** loves it.
      "A much better fuck?"
      I don't want to toss shade about the man I'm married to and been with for 24 years but sex with G** is a different experience. This is my first affair and it's a roller coaster of fun. I think it's because we both know there is no chance of a relationship. G** has been up front that he doesn't want to break up my marriage or loose my husband as a friend. We are just having sex. It's also thrilling to be with someone that's not your husband in the bedroom. Not only is it a new experience, it also allows us to be ourselves.

    • If you were smart you'd end the affair before you got caught. He says "he doesn't want to break up my marriage or loose my husband as a friend", yet that is exactly what will happen if you get caught.

    • Nothing like fucking a bigger cock after you've been married a long time. I've been fucking my husband's buddy who is 3 in bigger and a lot thicker than my husband. Would never leave him but really enjoy the feeling and the big loads that come with it.

    • Hot

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