I want to get nasty with our office admin

Our office admin is about ten years younger than me. She's very sweet and we get along great, but she's not particularly attractive -- tomboyish, chubby, not pretty at all, doesn't dress up at all, no makeup, etc.

I have the fantasy use her in all sorts of nasty and humiliating ways -- tie her down, gag her, and fuck her until I fill her pussy with my cum; then when I'm done blindfold her and leave her gagged and have other guys from the office come through and fuck her as well until they add their cum to mine, with her not knowing who is fucking her.

Jul 31
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She knows i am seeing him but not his fetish

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    • I had an office admin like that. Matched your description but always seemed a bit prudish. One day a conversation included a mention of the song “It’s raining men”. This woman started obsessing about the idea that it could rain men and what she would do with them. She was getting visibly hot and bothered, breathing hard, nipples erect. Me and two of the other guys sort of encouraged her to tell us more. Which she enthusiastically did. That led to us “joking” about what she’d do with us, which led to her giving us each blowjobs in our cars after work.It was bizarre because she was still a great admin but it was like a switch had been flipped. From that day on she was a trampy slut that would suck and fuck anything that moved. It wasn’t part of the company package but it sure was a benefit.

    • Or maybe get her to get all dolled up -- makeup, hairdo, dress, pantyhose, heels, etc. -- and then bring her to a nice hotel suite where I can show her how a man truly appreciates it when a lady puts some thought and effort into looking nice.

    • What man are you going to get to do that?

    • I might do it myself. Like I said, she's very sweet and has a great personality, just somewhat of a tomboy in appearance. If she took some time and got dolled up, it would would probably make her much more physically attractive.

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