Want my wife to have another

My wife and I have discussed the possibility of her having sex with someone new many times. We have a great relationship and she said the only thing holding her back is fear that it could hurt our relationship. She knows I think about it a lot and she even brings the subject up, even if just joking about it. Went to a nude beach a few months ago and I think she is maybe more open to the idea. I wish she would try it once to see how it works out

30 days

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    • It didn’t take long for us, she didn’t need a lot of convincing, probably because we were so young and sexually adventurous. I first shared her when we were dating, at 19 years old, with another couple. After we married I shared her with my best friend, she gave him oral while I had sex with her from behind. That turned into years of her giving him head and sex, since she enjoyed the threesome so much. We’ve done swinging, couple swap with three other couples. And we’ve had threesomes with three other women, and several other men. It’s easier to get guys to join in than it is women. Last time we did kinky stuff, we were on vacation and ended up sharing her with two other guys. We all took turns on her, one after another, I went third and she was so sweaty and broken in it felt so good.

    • My wife and I have been talking about her having sex with another man for months. She’s been texting and FaceTiming a guy for a month now. Flirting with each other and talking dirty back and forth. So a couple days ago we are both at work. She texts me she will be late getting home. I ask why. She says, “Tonight is the night.” And didn’t send anything else. She came home 3 hours late. I could tell she had been fucked and fucked well. Her thighs were still shaking

    • It took my wife a few years before she finally fucked someone else. She thought that she had to be in love with someone to have sex with him. Once she started she found out the difference between love making and just fucking for the fun of it and enjoying herself. Once she let herself go and realize how much fun she could have I was so proud of her.

    • That’s the thing, I really believe if my wife would let her self go and try it once she would love the experience. I’ve told her it should just be about sex and having fun, but she is worried about any emotions coming into play

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