Resort wife

At a resort with my wife while we were transitioning to “just friends”. I wanted to reconcile but wasn’t comfortable sleeping in the same bed since she was seeing someone at that point so I said Fuck It and slept on the hammock on the patio.

Couldn’t sleep around midnight so went and sat buy the pool to smoke clove cigarettes. A young couple in the parking lot were fighting and the guy had rage issues and drove off leaving his gf locked out of their room so she went to sit by the pool. She knew he wouldn’t be back til daybreak. She was young, hot and had a British spice-girl type accent and was deliciously buxom. We smoked and just started fucking, which we did for hours. Hottest time of my life.

I didn’t tell my wife because I was still hoping to reconcile at the time.

Next day the British gal approached us like we never met and asked how we ordered drinks at the beach. My wife told her while I read my book.

Jul 27
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