Mother in law

My MIL Vera is 74, Russian and a BBW. I really really want her and I think she wants me too. I walked into our kitchen the other day and she was bent over the table writing. I squeezed past her to get to the fridge making sure I brushed my c**k up against a**. As I did she pushed back against me moving her hips from side to side. I nearly shot my load on the spot. She never said anything but just kept writing. I have often noticed her nipples harden when I come into the room. She rarely wears bras so it is very visible. She lives in the apartment next door so I have plenty of opportunities to be alone with her. Last week she called me and asked me to drop some sugar in to her, so I did. When I entered her apartment she was walking from the living room towards her bedroom door wearing only her bathrobe which was hanging open. I could see her naked body clearly and just stood there not knowing what to say or do. She made a show of pulling her robe closed and rushing into her bedroom. I was still standing in the hall holding a bowl of sugar when she came out of her bedroom a minute later. Her robe was closed tight but I could see her hard nipples poking through the thin material. She apologized as she took the sugar bowl from my hands but she was smiling at the same time. I'm sure she did it deliberately so that I could see her naked. Trying to get up the courage to take it to the next level. Any suggestions ?

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  • Now it was definitely my dream come true. She lay there naked, hands resting on her fat belly, big tits sagging to the sides, fat thighs and bald pussy just waiting for my mouth and hands to explore. I was hard again as I got my head down between her legs. She spread them to accommodate me and I dipped my tongue into her pussy. Her hips moved, pushing herself against my tongue. After flicking my tongue over her clit and cunt lips for a bit, I could taste her getting wet and she started grinding her pussy into my face and moaning. By now I had a finger in her arse as well, while my tongue licked and sucked on her pussy. I came out from between her legs as I couldn't wait any longer. I got her to move towards the end of the bed and lifted her legs up so that I could get my cock inside her. I shuffled forward, lined myself up and plunged into her. She let out a groan as I buried myself in her. I started banging her hard watching my cock slam in and out of her. it was the biggest turn on ever. Every bit of her was bouncing and wobbling, tits, belly, thighs, she was moaning and groaning. For her age her pussy felt amazing, tight and wet. It didn't get better than this. She started to rise up, her hips pushing against me and I came again, filling her with my cum. I lay down on her belly, cock still inside her, completely satisfied. I rolled sideways onto the bed and she played with my cock while we got our breath back.
    Twenty minutes later I was back in my apartment, showered and playing back every moment in my head.
    Looking forward to the second installment this morning.

  • "Nobody ever knows" she said. "Nobody" I replied in between mouthfuls of nipple. Her hands were working on opening my jeans and I stopped sucking to help. I stripped them off and started kissing her again. She was as horny as me. She pushed me back and went down on her knees in front of me, pulled my boxers down and took hold of my cock.
    Looking down, I really couldn't believe my luck. I could see the top of her head, her big floppy tits resting on her fat belly and my cock in her hand. A second later, her mouth was taking it in and I almost came, I was so aroused. She was playing her tongue around the head then sucking me deep into her throat. I got my hands on the back of her head and began fucking her mouth. I was that horny, I couldn't contain myself for long and shot an enormous load in her mouth. I could see it running down her chin and onto her tits as she tried to swallow about a gallon of sperm.
    I pulled Vera to her feet and kissed her again. I could taste my cum in her mouth. I took her by the hand and headed for the bedroom. I hadn't even managed to get her leggings off yet and I had been waiting so long to see her naked. She lay down on the bed and as I looked down on her, she was smiling. I lay down beside her on my side facing her. My cum was still on her chin and tits. I started in on her tits again rubbing my cum into them. Then I straddled her legs and peeled her leggings down slowly to reveal her wonderful fat thighs and shaved pussy. Still not believing my luck I stood up again and pulled the leggings down over her feet and chucked them on the floor.

  • Update: I finally got to experience Vera in all her glory. And what an experience it was. I am looking forward to a repeat performance this morning as well.
    I had been flirting with her for the past few months but it didn't seem to be going anywhere great. Anyhow I had been away for a couple of weeks with the job and got back two days ago. As I normally do, I went next door to say hello to Vera. I was looking forward to seeing her and already had a hard on just thinking about her. When I went in she was in the kitchen with her back to me at one of the worktops.
    She was wearing a navy tank top and light white cotton leggings her big arse just begging to be squeezed. I could see from behind that as usual she was not wearing a bra or knickers.
    She turned around when she heard me and I walked over to her to give her a hug. I had decided on my way home that I would be a lot more forward than usual with her to see if it got me any further with her.
    I grabbed her around the waist and into a hug. I was rock hard at this stage and pressed my cock into her fat tummy as I pulled her tight to me. I also let one of my hands move down to her arse and pull her into me. I put my lips close to her ear and whispered to her that I had really missed her. She held on to me and I could feel her pushing herself into me as well. We stood like that for about a minute, then she seemed to realise how close we were and pulled away from me suddenly.
    I stepped back from her and looked into her eyes. I could see the indecision there, then she moved back into my arms. Next thing I knew our lips were crashing together, my tongue in her mouth.
    Months of desire came rushing to the surface in that moment. I was tearing at her top, pulling it over her head. Her tits bounced out, they were large and saggy and her nipples were standing out, hard and dark. My mouth moved down to them and I sucked one in, playing my tongue over it. Vera let out a little moan.
    boxers down and took hold of my cock.

  • Love bbw huge tits and asses drive me mad would love to fuck a family friend or just see her take my cock in her mouth as I play with her massive tits I'd cum heavy for her deep in her throat.
    I'd fuck her from behind her raised on pillows pound that huge ass till she screamed.

  • We just had our first fuck. Still can't believe it happened !!

  • I have the hots for a friend of the family Dianna 65 year old huge tits and ass really turned on by the idea if visiting her and her wanking me off as I play with her tits x

  • Go for it. It took me nearly a year to fuck Vera but it was worth all the effort.

  • Yeah, I have a suggestion for you. Try recalibrating your "hot" meter. 74 years old and fat, generally is so far down on the scale that it shouldn't even register, let alone spark an erection. Maybe stick to your wife? She's gotta be some hotter than her mother.

  • It works for me.

  • If a woman pushes back and wiggles her ass from side to side against you then she wants it.

  • Either that or she has butt worms and is giving them a good scratch.

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