I felt possessed

I have been a social worker with child protective services for years. I've always been very quite very professional on my job. At this point I've seen everything from nightmares to dreams come true. I've even lost an entire family to domestic violence shooting.
I've been hit on groped and called every name in the book.

Sometimes I get nervous being a 5'4 well definitions of the word little white girl. Sometimes I get sent into some of the rougher neighborhoods.
I had a gentleman very interesting very smart great personality amazing job extremely hilarious great personality. As well as having one of the most intimidating builds I've ever seen. 6 ft 4 in tall easily weighing 250 extremely athletic and muscular. I actually mean it when I say skin color doesn't matter but in this case it does as I've never found a black man attractive. Extremely dark skin but extremely handsome face well kept well spoken highly intelligent.
I have to to remain extremely professional can't let him know I'm extremely attracted to him.
I go out to do a home inspection he passes with flying colors I'm kind of sad because this will be one of my last visits.
I'm 32 years old with two kids at home and my husband he is 40 or three kids takes very well care of them and is recently divorced.
Like usual I stick around to have a little bit of a conversation with him actually enjoy the extra time spent talking. Usually I wear some variety of slightly frumpy but work appropriate clothing. However on days where I'm going to see this gentleman I go braless wear a nice top and some variety of knee length skirt.
I had my long black hair up wearing a slightly low cut top showing just a little cleavage. A skirt that stopped just above my knee. And because I didn't seem to have any pantyhose I had a pair of thigh highs that have a little band at the top they are crotchless but they looked great with my skirt.
I was having a great time talking at the end of our appointment the gentleman got a little flirty with me and I was blushing I actually remember curling my hair around my finger. I was extremely nervous he is so huge it's more than intimidating.
I started letting him fill me up his hand on my butt or my breasts groping me I didn't even try to stop him I didn't even say a word. The whole time I had a very lustful current pounding through my body my p**** was soaking wet and throbbing.
I didn't try to resist I didn't try to stop him. I just went with it. Before I knew up my hand was on his inner thigh feeling the largest bulge I've ever felt inside of a pair of khaki pants. I started undoing his pants as he took off his shirt. It was very private nothing was open for anybody to be able to spy on us. He was kissing my shoulders and up my neck and deeply and passionately tongue kissing me I kissed him back.
I don't know how it happened but there was a trail of our clothing leading to the couch which I ended up sitting on
His fingers two of them are deep inside of me only making me pulse throb and get that much more wet. The entire time his fingers are inside of me his mouth is on my clitoris. Sucking with his large lips and flicking with his tongue and already orgasmed two or three times. Several more orgasms later I find my hands wrapped around his dick trying to fit it inside of my mouth. I got the tip and a few inches in mostly using my hands to Jack him off into my mouth swallowing his large load of salty better cum.
Again he has back between my legs his mouth working wonders on me with his fingers. We are both completely naked except for my thigh highs. I knew he was coming up between my legs I saw him hovering over me. I knew what he was about to do and I didn't resist. I saw him stroking his large cock in his hand I knew he was going to stick it inside of me. I've been married for 10 years I'm not on birth control me and my husband are trying to conceive a third child.
My naked body is sprawled out in front of him my legs are spread I'm nearly begging for him to be inside of me.
Hovering over me like a football player and a three-point stance filling his huge bulbous cockhead shaped like a bell. Rubbing beating and bashing into me. Feeling it press into separate and open my labia filling his huge headed penetrating me. Then filling the thick naturally revved veiny long shaft following it. Has large Body and Frame smothering over me my feet stuck underneath his thighs my legs spreading a diamond. My vagina devoured his entire dick deep inside of me I felt his head come to rest. The whole time I was letting out little moaning yeses I'm begging him to get inside of me. I feel tiny Underneath Him like a crab underneath a blue whale. My large breasts in his hand deep passionate tongue kissing. I felt him slowly working his way in and out of me as I rolled my hips to accommodate him. For 30 minutes we went slow tender kissing groping feeling fondling tasting each other. Before I know it he's propped up over me like a silverback gorilla and an aggressive position. My legs are held open at the ankles. Feet pointed like arrows at the ceiling toes curled. I'm moaning loudly I can feel him expanding stretching me out going to depths that have never been hit before. My body is flexing tensing and then releasing relaxing I'm letting out different moans sounds I've never heard before. A couple of times he is bashed or rammed to my cervix it would hurt for a minute and then feel extremely good. The whole time I'm flush red and my cheeks my body has an electric current moving through it my eyes are rolled back in my head I'm moaning loudly. I'm probably at my most fertile and definitely ovulating. We had just finished making love and I realized that the warm burning cooling liquid sensation inside of me was his cum. Sadly I didn't even think about it for a slight second I pondered my head whatever child would look like and mixed baby of his in mind. But that thought was lost quickly all I felt was everything being pulled out of me and then shoved back in. He starts telling me he wants these long strokes don't you you want me to beat that pussy up don't you. I'm on back to him yes take me I want everything fill me up. He was not being gentle like he had been before. He was taking long deep ramming Strokes. I could feel my labia hugging and pulling being tugged in and out with each stroke. He'd release my legs and they had locked behind kneecaps. He was squeezing meeting groping fumbling my breasts are hard nipples choking me with one hand not hard but enough that it was a major turn on. It just lasted like that I don't know how much time had gone by but it felt like forever. It got to the point where my vaginal Canal labia and everything about my lady parts completely just relaxed and quit gripping him letting him fully get access to me. I could feel everything inside of me that his huge manhood would hit. I had orgasm more times than I could count. And then he started the let out of groaning howl and then he went silent. His Strokes were deep held inside of me. There was a lot of motion in his hips his thrusts were slow but very powerful each one made me orgasm. This time I could feel it thick ropes hot gooey liquid shots that erupted shooting into me coating my cervix. Pooling inside of me each time he shot a glob the huge blob inside of me I orgasmed more. My tiny Body and Frame trying to pull more inside of me wanting his entire body inside of me. He just rested on top of me kissing me choking my hair telling me how incredibly good I felt. I reciprocated telling him how good he was how amazing he felt. It took a few days and then I felt extremely guilty knowing I'd cheated on my husband. The first couple of days however there was only panic knowing that this gentleman had shot huge quantities of his fertile cum inside of me. At the same time I had just been off my menstrual cycle was extremely fertile and ovulating. Thats when I realized that I might be pregnant that I felt extremely guilty. Trying to think of a way to explain this to my parents my father and mother-in-law my husband and my own kids sorry mommy fucked up I was a slut at work today. They let a huge black gentleman who I barely know take me for multiple hours and multiple positions and letting me ejaculate into me at my most fertile. Nothing I could come up with sounded good. I was ready to be divorced I was ready to be ashamed. I told my husband what happened he took a little hard up front. I found out later he was mostly disappointed that he was not there he wanted to watch something like that what happened to me for years. My husband is a godsend he arranged for a coworker of his a very large very powerful black man to have intercourse with me. This time my husband was there and a cheap motel room with me. The sex was amazing but not nearly as good as it was with my Gentleman. My husband filmed it he got off on watching me with this man. He did not cum inside of me like my Gentleman did. But if there was any pregnancy between me and my Gentleman my husband and his fetish was right there willing to jump on that hand grenade and take the blame. I am completely okay with his fetish at this point and now Relish in it. But I love him so much more so much more than anybody can put into words. He is willing to cover me cover for me when I was being a dirty cheating wife. I'm so amazed by him I feel like I owe him every fetish he wants granted any fantasy he can come up with. And there have been some real disease he has spit out of his mouth. However it is completely the most selfless act I've ever heard of telling me he wants me to keep sleeping with my Gentleman. I told him I don't know if I can as it would involve my job at some point. Is any of this normal what have I done have I opened some variety of Pandora's Box?

Jul 27
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    • In all honesty with reading the hot story again🔥❤️. If it is someone that needs help in the long run it may hurt. Be carefull.

    • Your husband and that guy are lucky men but hopefully you helped him😊❤️

    • And i do not think you are a slut at all because like the one i know that used to work with my wife she is a very caring woman with a huge heart and helps us by watching our dog when we are out of town and thats the biggest thing about her. Wow the fantasies after reading that are wild. Like if this was her and she knew it was me would pm on fb. But i would say keep it a secret for now. But i admit i do worry about the one i know and be carefull on that job. Very hot story🔥

    • Wow that was hot!!!! And i admit a family friend with a job like yours LC i have fantasized about alot and that just gave me more of a fantasy of her🔥🔥🔥🔥😍

    • I loved your story. The only thing that would make it better is if he conquered your asshole and ripped you a new one with that monster cock.

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