Little show off on the subway

I work in a dentist's office in the city centre
The doctor had already left and I was taking care of our last patient. He a gentleman about my age, very handsome and I suspect he had a little crush on me. He was always trying to catch my look, stare into my blue eyes and smile. I stayed cool and finished my work professionally and when he was able to talk again I had the impression he was really flirting innocently with me and his handshake ( pre-covid times) was something else, firm jet soft and sweet, always looking deeply into my eyes and while I changed clothes I must confess it had left me a bit shaky but with a pleasant feeling....

It was Friday late afternoon on a hot summer's day, I had left home in the morning with a lot of sunshine and forecasts for temperatures in the mid thirties (that's mid nineties in Fahrenheit for you overseas).
When I got out of the building it was hot and humid, a dark menacing sky greeted me. Should be no problem, the subway station is only 10 minutes away and should the rain start earlier I would stop at a cafe at midway and sit out the worst.
But after a minute or so the first thunder, a few minutes later the second followed, I felt the first light raindrops, more and more, I started running. Now it was pouring cats and dogs and I was already past the safe coffee joint, the thunderstorm was unleashing its worst...
Running down the stairs I even slipped. I was desperate, soaked, my shoes slippery, my light white summer dress completely wet clinging to my body, almost sheer, showing my bra....a real mess.
Finally the train arrived, fortunately it was past rush hour, and I got into the last car which was almost empty
I sat down , the aircon which usually never works was at full cool that day
I was crouching with my shoulders to the window facing the other side oh the carriage, trembling from the cold temperatures and the wetness of my clothes.
A while into the trip I noticed another gentleman sitting across the isle, in his late fifties and handsome as the first one.
From time to time I noticed him looking up from his book and watching me, his eyes quickly going back to the pages when I looked at him. He must have thought that I looked like a puppy just fallen into the pool....

A few stops from my destination our car had emptied except for the two of us. Our game of crossing our looks went on.
Suddenly he stood up, grabbed a towel from his gym-bag, crossed the aisle and stood over me. I was looking at him without knowing what to say and he whispered softly: take this towel Signora, you need it much more than me!
He put the towel over my shoulders and when his hand retreated it briefly brushed my blonde hair and my cheek. And that moment made me feel an incredible warmth rising through my body and especially there where lots of nerves converge...yes, right there!

I smiled embarrassed, thanked him for this beautiful gesture and he sat down again . What a gentleman! He stared again at me, but now without looking down when caught. I don't know what to do, I am excited like hell, my heartbeat is racing like a steam locomotive ...I start to sweat now!

I lost my mind, I don't know what I was thinking, I looked intensely into his eyes and without blinking I pulled up my wet skirt, lifted my bottom form the seat by helping me pushing the shoulders against the window and in a quick move grabbed both the sides of my panties and started pulling them down over my tights, across my knees down to my ankles and still staring and smiling at him I opened "casually "my legs for a moment not hiding my treasure covered with a trimmed blonde fluff of pubic hair. He might have seen my labia for just a few seconds but to me it seemed like I presented him my most intimate part on a silver plate for an eternity....and right there I thought omg what am I doing!!!
I opened again my tights and my right hand brushed my lower lips for a moment to stop shortly at my little button and I was surprised myself to feel intense waves across my body. think I passed out for a split second feeling the orgasm subside....I won't forget his expression when I realized he was there. I was catching my breath, still legs apart...

I slipped my panties over my shoes, pulled my skirt back down, picked up my purse and went up to him and stuffed my panties into his bag saying "you will need them more than me now", and took his right hand and pulled it up under my short skirt to let him feel my girlie goo and pushed it tightly against my vagina.
Right there the train entered my station, I pulled back, kissed his forehead and ran out up the escalator without looking back, opened hastily my car and drove away as fast as I dared.

At home - my husband and the kids were not due for the next hour- I got naked, had a hot shower and then laid down on my bed and closing my eyes and touching me I imagined the scene of that gentleman arriving at home, greeting hastily his wife and locking himself into the bathroom, taking out my panties, wrapping them around his penis and....
And I had the second smashing orgasm of the day!!!

1 month ago

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    • I will do a threesome with my dentist, and my higienist dentist bellafiga, one of them married (S) and with kids....

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