Better than the fantasies

So I'd been seeing this guy for a while and we hadn't actually slept together because he "wanted to be a gentleman". While I appreciated it, it didn't help me feel any less horny. I'd started fantasizing about what it'd be like, and I'd imagined he'd be gentle and attentive. I couldn't imagine him any other way because he's such a soft a sweet person. I wasn't surprised when he started off with soft kisses down my body, making his way to between my thighs. I was surprised to find out he had his tongue pierced, though. His tongue felt so amazing, and he didn't stop until I was practically begging him. And when he finally did stop, he fucked me. It wasn't "soft" or "gentle". It was hard and rough, and I loved it. He was so deep with my legs over his shoulders and while he held me down. I couldn't really do anything other than lay there and take it. The way he pounded into me practically forced all of the moans out of me. I think I actually came so hard, I forgot how to breathe. I had to ask him to stop for a second, because I thought I was going to explode. The whole time I'm catching my breath, he's stroking my clit and asking if I'm okay. And he was gentle until he started again. I don't know how long it went for, but it was amazing and my legs were shaking. He apologized for being so rough and asked if I was okay after, and even asked if I was feeling okay the morning after. I still can't believe that someone like that can be so wild in bed. It takes everything in me now not to jump him as soon as I see him.

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  • Good for you! Sounds like he was amazing. Was he well endowed?

  • Well now you know...

  • As an older male, I realize that as a younger me, I was too much in a hurry to getting down to business, never really used the foreplay that was always there. Now as an older male, if I had the opportunity to have sex with a young girl or even an older woman, I would make sure she would be satisfied before I even tried to get off. As older males, we know how to please a woman even without 9 inch cocks.

  • This is so true. I have had sex with guys my age ( early 20's ) and older guys ( up to late 40's) and the older guys are so much better in bed. Take their time. But still give it like they have the energy of a younger man. Older men in bed are the best!

  • Older men love to go down on women. Younger men still haven't figured out that I can get the same feeling from a dildo as I can their dick. If you can't use your tongue I'm not interested. I'm pushing 30 years old and guys my age still haven't learned.

  • I agee

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