I've always wanted to try a cucumber

I just returned from the supermarket. One of the things I bought were cucumbers. Big ones too. I've always dreamed of putting a cucumber up my ass to see how it feels, but what if I break it off then what?? Can I get it out?? No matter, I still want to try it. Has anyone ever had a cucumber up their ass?? How does it feel?? Is it just as good as a dildo?? I hate to admit it but I'm a dick lover. Everything I see that's long and thick makes me think of dicks. Maybe I've just been fucked too much.

10 months ago


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    • Use an English cucumber, they are extra long so they won't slide all the way in

    • Start with something small, maybe a jalapeño pepper , work up to a pickle , then on to your cucumber. Remember cucumbers come in all sizes and types, There’s smooth ones and bumpy ones. Hell as you work through the vegetable world you might consider trying an eggplant, now that’s for only the brave.

    • Some cucumbers come with lots of baggage. Tread, and shred carefully.

    • Yes I did not loved it start off with a small one and work your way up to a bigger one you'll eventually be looking for things bigger than a cucumber actually went to the porn shop and bought a big dildos I'm hooked on them now I can't seem to find one big enough or long enough to satisfy me

    • Now this I’ve done! I didn’t worry about a condom though, just made sure it was really clean. I’ve had massive ones up my ass, and I’m a guy! Ive literally had 10 to 12 inches deep by one that’s about 7” girth. I love it! When I’m that deep my dick just erupts and I cum everywhere!! Ive never had any worries about it breaking, when it’s in just don’t push to hard to one side, just the in and out motion… oh and lots and lots of lube, if in doubt use more lube!

    • I’ve fucked myself with a cucumber before. It’s amazing feeling your ass final give way to something as thick as a cucumber. I lived up and put a condom on the cucumber as well. I don’t think it would do much but i figured it might help keep it together if the cucumber snapped.

      It’s incredible though. Slowly pushing this super thick cucumber in and feeing it stretch and tear you. Enjoy.

      Let us know how you get on.

    • I will. I think I'll do it while I'm dressed in a sexy outfit with heels. Dressing like that always turns me on. I will cum so hard.

    • Sounds very hot. A nice thong on too, pull it to the side and slide it in.

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