Debate Squirt, pee or not pee

So a buddy of mine and I have a debate! Is squirt just pee? He's never experienced it, I have. I've also tried my wife's pee in the shower. While exhilarating the flavor is not that good. But when om down her and she releases and squirts on my face, it don't taste at all like pee. She is more of a soaker than squirter but it floods my face none the less. It is delicious! So is it because I'm in the moment and it's psychological that it tastes sweet or is there some fact to it. I read many articles about it but many go back and forth, pee, a mixture from the skene gland or just from the ske e gland. Whatever the case, it is delicious! Mixed with my cum prior to her having an krgasm and you have the perfect mixture of flavors. I try to convince my buddy to try it with his wife but he just won't. We even offered for him to try it from my wife since she's really good at squirting for me. How can I co Vince my friend it's really good and he should give it a try? I just want the best for him, he's like a brother and I know if he tried it he'd be hooked like I am. We do agree that piss just isn't for either of us, neither is skat. Neither will eat ass, though I've tried and didn't care at all for it. I wish we lived closer so our wives could compare notes! We have confessed we'd like to swing or swap partners for sex sometime. We just live a few thousand miles apart. I'd love to make his wife squirt while eating her so she'd make him try it. 😏

Jul 25
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