Wife outs me

My wife and I were out to eat with another couple this past weekend. We hadn't seen anyone in months due to the quarantine. So, we were out and having cocktails. My wife (Steph) talks to the other wife (Jessica) about everything. Even when it's probably not appropriate. So, jessica says to my wife, "So, i guess you two had a lot of sex over the quarantine?" Steph says, "A fair amount. Masturbated a shit ton." Jessica says, "Masturbated? Why?" Steph says, "Well, partly because I love to masturbate but also because Steve has a little dick." I about spit up my drink. I said, "What the fuck babe?" Steph says, "What?? You do!" Jessica says, "How small is he?" Steph says, "Like 4-4.5." Jessica says, "That's not real small." Steph says, "It's small enough. It feels ok but I still have to have my vibrator to cum. Jordan was much bigger." Jordan is her ex husband. Jessica says, "How big?" Steph says, "Oh like 9. I do miss his dick sometimes." I said, "Wow really?" Steph says, "Just his dick. He's a piece of shit otherwise. You should let me fuck one of the guys at work." I said, "And why would I do that?" She said, "Because you love me and want me to be sexually satisfied. I'd let you watch." I said, "and you think i'd want to watch?" She said, "You know you would. I bet I could get you to eat my pussy after he cums in it." I said, "So i'm assuming there will be no condom?" She said, "Most definitely no condom."

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  • Sounds like a healthy relationship.

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