I'm In Charge Now

My ex-husband was a big brute who shoved it in me anywhere, anytime he wanted.

Divorced for about 2 years and I have sole custody of our 9yo son. Ex is going to be in prison for a very long time for some stupid stuff he did that's unrelated to me.

Very shortly after we escaped my ex, I started taking self defense classes and putting on some muscle.

I found me a shorter & thinner boyfriend who is very mild mannered. He treats me like a queen.

I used to think he wanted to fuck the lady wrestlers by the way he stared at them, but it's more than that.

I came home one day and found him asleep wearing a pair of my clean tights with a used pair clutched in his hand.

At first, I was royally pissed. But after a bit, I thought that maybe this is what I've unconciously been looking for; where I'm the one in control; where I'm never the victim again.

When my boyfriend woke later on and came out of my bedroom dressed more manly, he asked how long I've been home.

He looked nervous when I gave him a big smile and said, "Long enough, sweetie."

He wanted to leave, but I whispered into his ear that I would post all of the pictures I took of him if didn't do what I say. Ha! I took no pictures of him in my tights.

Later on, with my son in bed and my boyfriend in mine, we talked that night, and over the next few weeks.

We've had fun dressing like lady wrestlers, with me always winning.

He ended up presenting me with all of these at once; an engagement ring, hotwife anklet, and cock cage. The anklet had these charms; Vixen, stag, heart-shaped lock, MFM symbols, sissy symbol.

He put the ring on my finger, the anklet on my ankle, & I put the cage on his cock.

I decided very shortly after that to give my son estrogen pills and dress him like a girl to try to calm him down, since he seemed like he was headed in the same direction as his dad.

We are know a very happy family.

Jul 22
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    • Hot. Once you get muscles it's kind of a natural thing for women. My ex was muscular and liked doing the dom role play but that's about as far as it got. I don't take orders.

    • I damn sure do! Beat me, fuck me call me a sissy! I don't care as long as I'm experiencing the fun from it all!

    • My ex would have thrown you around then. She had 15 inch biceps and benched 250 for reps.

    • I used to dress up sometimes when I was younger, started wearing panties and lingerie

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