Bad Decision

I was the first guy my wife had sex with. After the first time, she started to really enjoy it and we fucked almost every day. I decided that I wanted to go to a nude beach and look at some other women and also to show off my wife. My wife had only seen my cock and I had told her that at seven inches, my cock was big.
We went to the beach and put our stuff down on a blanket and I convinced her to go for a walk. During the walk, I was checking out the other naked women and my wife was checking out the other guys. After we went back to our blanket, my wife said that some of the guys had cocks that were probably bigger than mine if they were erect. I said that I doubted if any were bigger than mine. She said that we would see and wanted to make a bet. She said that if some of the guys had cocks bigger than mine, she was going to invite them back to our hotel room and fuck them and if they were not bigger, then I would get to choose an another woman and ask her to join us for sex. She got up and walked to a group of guys and started to talk to them. Soon, for some reason she laid down on one of their blankets and spread her legs while talking to them. There were six guys and soon they all had erections. Three of their cocks were shorter than mine but the other three were longer. The longer three guys and my wife walked back to me and she said that she had invited them to our room for some fun.
We got to our hotel room and all five of us undressed again. It was my wife with four guys who all had erections and wanted to fuck her, including me. My wife laid back on the king size bed and pointed at one of the guys that she wanted to be first. He would be only the second guy to ever put his cock into her. She guided his cock into her very wet cunt and while he fucked her, I laid down on the bed beside her and kissed her while he fucked her. After he came deep inside her, he got on the other side of her and stuck his come covered cock into her mouth. Then the second guy got between her legs, and I kissed my wife again and tasted the first guy's come on her lips. The first guy had gotten up and the second guy stuck his cock into my wife's mouth, and she cleaned up his cock. The third guy then fucked her while I kissed my wife's come covered lips and then she cleaned up his cock.
I was so hard and really needed to fuck her, but my wife said that if I wanted to fuck her, that I would have to lick their come out of her used cunt. I really wanted to fuck her, so I started licking her and I came all over the bed. The three guys laughed at me and all of them fucked my wife a second time. After they left, my wife told me to lick her cunt again and I did. But this time, I didn't come so I got between her legs and finally fucked her. While I was fucking her my wife asked me how she felt since three cocks bigger than mine had just fucked her twice deeper than I could ever get in her. As soon as she said this, I came inside her.
She told me that she was very happy that I had decided to take her to a nude beach and she said that she was going to keep fucking guys with bigger cocks than mine. She said that my only choice was whether I wanted to stay married to her or get a divorce because knew that she would need to keep fucking bigger cocks.
I decided that I loved her and wanted to stay married to her. Since that time we have raised four children, maybe some were mine but I really doubt it, and she has fucked around 200 men. I'm not sure that they were all bigger than me but most of them were.

Jul 20
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    • I love that you are such a willing beta male; your wife is a cumdump; you're your wife's cumdump. So sexy.

      If you were my hubby, I'd have you on HRT and turn you into a total sissy slut.

    • Turn me into a sissy cocksucker

    • Hot yet sad. Your woman owns you

    • My first wife and I were high school sweet hearts and got married after college. She got a job at an insurance firm and after we'd been married 3 years, her bosses invited us for an all paid vacation to someone's beach house. Before we left, my wife informed me it was a swingers retreat. We talked about it all night. We finally agreed to go through with it. The first night, my wife and I slept together. The next day we got to meet others. We all agreed my wife & I would swap with her boss and his wife on the first night. He was 60ish and in shape for his age. His wife was too but had a lot of plastic surgery. I went through with it but I kept thinking I was F**King someone my grandmother's age.
      My wife had a great time and for the rest of the week we swapped with 4 other couples. All of them were in their 60s. My wife had fun. I did not but kept it to myself.
      My wife wanted to continue that lifestyle. I did not. We divorced soon after.

    • Good decision to divorce given her desires and your lack there of.

      As a woman I can see your wife’s interest in continuing as older men have more experience and likely have more reserved sex with their wife.

      Thus she was the beneficiary of both their sexual experience and their pent up desires.

    • Thank you for this reply! I would have never thought I would get 'honest' advice on this site.
      After reading your reply, it makes sense. Even though she insisted and still insists it's not me. To this day, I keep thinking, 'is it me?'.
      Before we went separate ways, we tried swapping with couples our age but there just are not many in our area. The group mentioned in my post is local and very active on the weekends. Plus, they travel together.
      Spending the night with their wive's is just different without going into detail.
      Since we started, I know my ex was having the time of her life. It even elevated our sex life!
      I still talk with her & follow her on social media. We've known each other too long & been through a lot as teenagers to just toss everything away.
      The group has open relationships and the wives don't mind my ex comes alone to their parties.
      I know first hand the men enjoy their time with my wife. They were very open in conversation when hanging out. It makes total sense the men are reserved with their older spouse but allowed to be more open with a younger woman.
      It started with the conversation of starting a family. Before we started swapping, she was ready. Something changed her mind and now she no longer wants children. btw; all of the men in the group have had undergone a vasectomy.
      I admit I miss her. We dm often but right now she's having the time of her life traveling with them.
      Thank you again. That helps ease a broken heart.

    • No problem glad to help

    • I made the same mistake by taking my wife to a nude beach in Jamaica on our honeymoon. Now I knew that she was no angel when we got married she had fucked other guys when we were dating. When we were walking on the beach she was looking at other guys and they were looking at her naked body. We were laying on a blanket taking in the sun she looked beautiful with her shaved pussy and her hard body nice big tits. She seen tow black jamaican guys walking by and she said look at the size of their cocks. I told her that she couldn't handle something like that I made a big mistake telling her that. She laughed at me and said watch this. She got up and walked over to them she was smiling and laughing with them and they walked into the water and I could see one of them with his hand on her ass and the other guy was kissing her. After a while all three of them walked over to me and she said that they were going back to our hotel room and for me to wait for her here. About two hours later she came back to me and I could see red marks on her ass were they had slapped her ass when she was fucking them I could see cum dripping out of her pussy. She said see what you did that was the start of her fucking other guys and me licking her pussy clean afterwards she knew that I wasn't going to try and stop her from having sex with other men because I was pussy wiped.

    • As a woman listen to my advice. Never allow your GF or wife such latitude. Once a woman experiences a larger cock she will have the natural desire to continue to seek out larger and larger cock. It’s completely natural and part of human evolution.

      A woman experiences the amazing feeling of her pussy being stretched. She sees that cock and gets scared thinking there is no way it’s going to fit inside me. Then it does. It hurts but damn that cock fit inside and the cycle starts.

      As for licking her clean. Doing so gives the woman a position of control. If you lick up other men’s messes even once you have essentially lost her. She now knows she is in complete control and you can never win her back. It is even a bad idea to clean up your own mess unless she says no and you force the issue as YOUR desire.

      The fact is it’s not natural for a woman to be with one man and the only way to keep her desire for you is for you to exert control over her. Don’t be mean don’t rape but establish yourself as her protector and give her a reason to desire you or she will fulfill her desires abroad

    • I made the mistake of talking my wife into going to a swinger house party. I wanted to mess around with other women, and thought my wife won’t enjoy sex with another guy so she wouldn’t try it. I was wrong. We were in the hot tub, my wife in her bikini, too modest to take it off like the other women, and a guy came into the hot tub Nude, his dick was really big and he was very tall and muscular, he had a really sexy wife who was nude and they started flirting with us a little. Later on, I wanted to have sex with a woman and my wife said she’d only let me if she could have sex with someone, I asked who and she said the guy from the hot tub. I agreed to do it, the woman I had sex with was a starfish just laid there while I used her as a flesh light, while my wife had a deep orgasm and was fucked very well by the big dick guy. She started seeing the couple behind my back and having threesomes with them regularly. When I found out she refused to stop because she liked it so much and they gave her so much satisfaction. It’s been months now and she gets fucked by them at least once or twice a month.

    • That sounds like a happy ending to me! Do you get to participate? Fuck the other wife? Watch them with your wife?

    • I always eat my own cum

    • Do you do so because you want to or because your special lady begs you? The key is for it to be on your own without even a suggestion by your lady.

      If your lady suggests and you oblige she will feel as though she wields control.

      If you go down and clean up on your own and continue till she climaxes again you will be her sex god

    • I eat other guys cum out of her pussy too besides my own. I lost count of how many loads I have swallowed over the years.

    • You likely have lost her. She likely seeks out other men to fulfill her desires behind your back.

    • Maybe so but I've been sucking cock too and she doesn't know about it

    • Ok. Well then you have other issues. Before you know it you and your wife will have a fight on who gets the other guys cock first.

      Hope she finds a real man to satisfy her for the rest of her life

    • I'm in partial agreeance here but we do swing. But we never allow ourselves to have feelings for the "outsider." At the end of the evening, they gotta leave! We aren't friends with them, period. They're just play toys in both our eyes. I love, adore and cherish our marriage. We just bring in some extra fun sometimes. And...yes we both eat cum and pussy! Been together 36 years and I love her more and more every day. What works for us may not work for all, but for us, it's a wonderful experience!

    • I understand but it’s a dangerous situation. Just speaking as a woman

    • I would guess it depends on the individual maybe. We've actually been together since high school, just married this long. I agree what we do isn't for everyone, but it is for us. I never do anything unwillingly and neither does she. We bmmay pitch ideas but if either are uncomfortable, that's the end of it. I knee the very first time I saw her she was the one and we've been together since I first asked her out. We were monogamous for years but when the kids left our sex life was not great, bit our love for each other never died. When we began swinging, we can't keep our hands off each other! I'm 54 and we both find it hard to keep up with our urges. Thanks for your concern! Maybe we could add you to our menu sometime. 😋

    • You're a lucky man with an endless supply of cum and not having to suck dick for any of it. Sucking dick is exhausting but I love cum. Best is after my wife fucks a few guys and I get the sweet reward fed to me. I eat ny own also. I wish they could bottle that stuff up and sell it. I love cum!

    • I have loved come since the first time that I cleaned her used cunt after the three guys had come in her. Since then, I always clean her up after guys have fucked her. She says that she is grateful that I took her to the nude beach the first time otherwise she would not have known that many men have longer cocks than mine.

    • Does she ever share their cocks to show her gratitude? That's the least she could do! Let you suck one off now and then!

    • My wife wants them to come inside her but I clean their cocks up after they fuck her. Sometimes to get them ready to fuck her a second or third time, I suck their cocks. Once in a while, they come in my mouth while they wait for another guy to finish in her cunt. I should mention that I have never fucked anyone besides my wife while she has had over 200 cocks inside her.

    • God that's so hot on so many levels! I love the thought that you are confined to only fully know one pussy for your entire life, and to enjoy that most intimate pleasure that 2 people can share with her and only her. You're fully invested, and probably spent a massive amount of time and energy cultivating your relationship with her before she shared her body with you. Meanwhile, other men get to fully use and enjoy her, and most of them probably didn't have to do anything to earn the privilege beyond being in the right place and having a bigger dick. There are probably many men who your wife decided she was going to spread her legs for before she even knew their name! And you dutifully stay home while she's out having incredible sex and getting pleasured by virtual stranger after stranger after stranger, apparently bare! To you she's the center of your world, but to them she's an opportunity to pump their seed into another man's wife, and she chooses them over and over!

      I'm weirdly envious. Of course, it's not all one sided, because you get to (at least sometimes) watch your beautiful wife in action with these other men, and you get a steady supply of CUM! If you're like me, the hottest sight in the world is seeing and hearing your wife orgasm on another man's cock while he's unloading deep inside her. But nothing compares to eating a freshly fucked creampie, and you get to eat the cum of HUNDREDS of different men out of your sexy wife! AND you get to suck and lick clean clean cocks that just violated your marriage! That's next level erotic!

    • That's awesome man! I envy you! I'm about to get some cum in my mouth I just a few minutes. Only mine, we've been at work, unless she surprises me. Not normally on the weekdays though. She makes me hold in my mouth until given permission to swallow. That's how I got used to the taste, now I crave it. An endless supply would be a dream cum true for sure! Happy eating!

    • U would love my cock and wife also i have big balls

    • Got big balls and a nice ass u can lic k and cum

    • Lets do it

    • Love to get wife

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