Dead eye

I knew a lady who could get me off and aim my cumming cock like a kids water gun. I would be laying there ball ass naked she would jerk me off and before I knew it I would be cumming like crazy. She would aim my cock like a water pistol at my face. She would laugh like crazy as I tried to dodge my shooting sperm. She was married and would do this to her husband who did not have a sense of humor. They soon divorced and I got to play with her by myself. I often think of her and wonder if she still plays those games . I hope so.

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  • That cannot be the only reason they divorced.

  • Yes that's true but that was the tip of the iceberg. She was a live wire and he was as sour as they come. He never knew when she was kidding, she had a great sense of humor and he was laconic in the extreme. He used to cringe when she walked in the room. I felt sorry for him, the three of us would be laughing and having a good time and he would sit there completely detached.

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