Would really like to hear from guys who have shared their wife for the first time and how they felt.
I have and it was amazing. Fucked her for years after thinking about it.

Jul 22
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    • My buddy Rob, and I were having a few beers watching baseball on TV. My wife came in picking the living room up a bit. She only had on t-shirt, that was way too tight, and her nipples were about ready to rip through. A pair of cutoff jean shorts, that the bottom of her ass cheeks were sticking out. When she left, my buddy told me how hot my wife looked. He said, if we weren't such good friends he'd try hitting on her. I laughed and said don't let our friendship stop you. You can't ruin that pussy more then I have.
      So he started hitting on her when I wasn't around. Well after a couple of months, he finally wore her down. So one afternoon when my wife and I had just finished having sex, she told me she always had a fantasy about having a three some. I asked her if she had anyone in mind? She said yes, it was Rob. So I set it up with him. The night came, and it was absolutely magnificent. I've never been so turned on and horny, watching Rob fuck my wife. My cock was so hard it hurt, I couldn't wait for my turn, with her, my cock just blew my load all over myself with out even touching it.
      After that night, 3 years ago now, more strangers have fucked my wife then I have. I just sit in a chair and watch. My wife makes me sit on my hands and can't touch my cock. Then she laughs at me when I blow my load without even touching my cock.

    • It was weird. 3 of us played strip poker.....after wife was naked we asked her to dance for us. She did but said it was awkward, "someone dance with me!" I said I was too drunk - told my buddy to dance with her.
      After a time, they were necking and hands were everywhere.....then she squatted a bit and took hold of his hard-on which had been poking her in the crotch. She slid him in - they grabbed butts and fucked hard!
      I was so drunk I wasn't sure he was inside her - or just between her legs.....until he lifted her by her butt, she wrapped her legs around him , and it was clear his dick was sliding in and out of her cunt and they began making grunts and then she started talking dirty to him!
      They had big orgasms......then they seemed a little embarrassed and worried about my reaction. I got up and bent her over the couch and experienced sloppy seconds!
      We took turns in her until sunrise! It was something all 3 of us needed to get out of our systems!
      He was crushing on her, I waned to see her cumming hard with another guy - she just liked being the center of attention, after 2 kids and 8 yrs of marriage! Proud that she could keep two guys hard all night!

    • So fucking hot

    • I have...was over 10 years ago now but was very exciting 😄

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