A dirty revenge

It really came as a surprise when my wife told me that she wanted to separate from me (after 20 years of marriage). I admit, my first reaction was disappointment and then anger took over. I thought long and hard about how I could take revenge on her. Through a pharmacist friend of mine I got something similar to KO-drops. Anyway, a rape drug. It just stops the muscles from moving for a few hours. So you can't move and you can't speak clearly, but you are awake and you can see what is going on around you. Towards the end you usually fall asleep and when you wake up you have no or only a very limited memory of what happened. I suggested to our two sons to finally have a real garden party. They had wanted to do that for a long time, but my wife had always refused. When the party went on for a while, I put the drops into my wife's red wine and after 10 minutes she was sitting there as if in a trance. I looked around and just when nobody was to be seen, I took her into the guest room, unbuttoned her blouse and opened her bra. I took off her panties and turned on the camera on the shelf. Then I opened the door wide so that you could see her from the hallway and went upstairs to my computer. First only a boy came, he looked at her for a long time, then he touched her exposed breast, still a bit frightened. When she didn't react, he got bolder and when he looked under her skirt and saw that she had nothing on underneath, I could see how he apparently stuck a finger or two into her. Another boy joined him, then another boy and a girl. By then the second boy had already got his cock out of his pants and started fucking my wife. Two others were playing with their breasts and a fourth one was pressing his cock against her mouth until it opened, then he pushed it in. It was a wild goose chase from then on. It took a good half hour before one of our sons noticed what was going on in our guest room. His facial features changed every second and I could not read what was going on in him. One of the boys just stood up between her spread legs and our son pulled down his pants, lay down between the spread thighs of his mother and pushed his penis into her. He fucked her, and as I saw it, he also squirted inside her. He went out and came back shortly afterwards with his brother. He didn't hesitate and immediately started fucking his mother. For the next half hour, my (future ex-) wife was "used" by her two sons. One had her lap and one had her mouth and then they switched. They did that at least 3 times. They have enormous stamina at 15 and 13. I have watched the video a lot in the meantime. I gave a copy to my wife after the divorce papers were signed. She should at least know why her sons, who of course live with her, have changed their behaviour towards their mother so much.

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  • This is a lot more like one of my fantasies then one of my husband's

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