She wants him again

I am 43 and work for a surveying company. The guy that used to work with me eventually left to retire. The company replaced him with a young kid right out HS. His name is James a tall blonde good looking kid. He told me he moved away and left everything behind to follow his girlfriend who was going to attend college in the same city. After about 3 months James stated he was down because him and his girl had broken up. One day when we were surveying as usual he told me he had to piss. Since we are no where close to any facilities he just unzipped and pulled it out. I couldn’t believe he would do that in front of me but he did. What I could believe was how big he was. This stayed in my mind for a while.
One day when my wife came by to pick me up I introduced them both. James commented on how lucky I was etc. He was very nice when he made those comments. On the ride I was thinking how my wife had a puzzled look on her face and I gave her the scoop on him. I could tell she saw something I him that had kind of had her interested. I made sure I didn’t tell her what I saw until the right time. That weekend we went to a party and she got really drunk. We came and started to have sex when I asked her what had her so aroused and excited. I asked her if there was someone she saw that had her so excited. I could tell she wanted to give me a name but the more I penetrated her I finally got her to tell me she thought James was hot and she had the hot for him. We talked about how he told me he hadn’t had sex for a while cause he broke up with his girl. I asked her if she would let him have her and she immediately said yes!!! She asked me if I would let it happen. I said of course cause I haven’t seen you this hot in a while.
After about a few weeks had gone and asking James if he had met anyone he said no I decided to invite him out with us. So I invited him to a bar not far from where we live. My wife had no idea about this. When he showed up he’d eyes lit up.
I even encouraged them to dance. My wife was really starting to drink and enjoy herself and I needed it to happen to loosen her up. Right before the place was to close I invited him to my place without her knowing. When she heard the knock on the door and saw his face you could see the happy expression on her face.
That night I told James how my wife thought he was sexy cause he appeared so shy. I even made a gesture if he wanted to have a little fun with her I don’t think she would mind. After drinking more at the house and everyone loosing up James made a move and slightly kissed her. I didn’t know what her reaction would be and she seemed surprised and proceeded to French kiss him back. It wasn’t long before his hands found her ass and tits. I just sat there and watched thinking my wife would call it off. Her hands went to his bulge and as they stood she found his zipper and tried to pull out his cock. He helped her and when she felt it the moans came out of her .I was so turned on watching this. Before long she rubbing it in her hands and then she drops to her knees and starts sucking on him. I can’t believe how big he was. His hands were busy trying to take her clothes off. Before long my wife bends down and James starts pumping her hard and fast. I tell him to whoa down cause he was much bigger than me when my wife said no!!!! She wanted that deep fast pounding he was giving her. I couldn’t believe she was taking him so deep. I asked her if he was hurting her any and she said fuck no!!! I want his cock ... I want him to pound my pussy hard. Before long she’s moaning hard she’s about to cum. This surprised me cause I have never been able to no matter how hard I tried.
She was even talking dirty telling me she knew he had a nice cock when she first saw him. He was pumping her hard with his 8 thick inches and she told me she’s been needing a deep pounding like this for a long time. I was so surprised and turned on listening to her tell me how she was enjoying him. After about 25-30 minutes he says he’s about to cum. She right tells him to dump his cum inside of her and she cums with him. Both exhausted I watch his young huge wet sloppy cock pull out of her. She isn’t finished she reaches to finish sucking and cleaning his cock. He left shortly and when it was clear he was gone we go to our bedroom and I continue to finish her off with my mouth. The excitement of words that cane out of her mouth from the pounding he gave her were unbelievable. She thanked me over and over for letting her experience this event.
My wife has always had to be proper due to her family and how they thought she should grow up. I knew there was a naughtiness to her that needed to be unleashed and I was right. A few weeks later James moved back home.
Now any chance we get we scout out sports bars for young hot guys for my wife.


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  • Why not keep up the original guy, sounds good maybe your just fantizising eh ?

  • It definitely happened, he was just everything she wanted. Tall young and handsome. She also admitted he reminded her of a guy from her work that used to flirt with her.
    I don’t even know how to reach him if we wanted to do it again. She definitely has the hots for him and it may be just up to me to bring another guy similar to him home for he

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