Fantasizing about Someone in the Next Room

I used to think my boyfriend and I have an amazing relationship, as we are fully committed...but I don’t know what to feel now.

Well, oral sex a huge part of our relationship. He used to be just astounding when he went down on me, but after a couple years I have gotten...well used to it? It’s a struggle to even feel stimulation.

I am not amused by most porn unfortunately but I have my own fantasies:
I imagine that his best friend and roommate in the other room (who is sexy and attractive as f***) bites my bottom lip, our mouths so close together that he steals the air I need to breath. I imagine he ravages me, shoves me up against a wall as I demand that he uses every last bit of me left. During intercourse he goes so deep it makes me scream and I moan until I feel the exhausting satisfactory relief after he comes deep inside of me.

BUT NO. My boyfriend is gentle to the touch and very loving to me. He’s like a precious little bird or a fawn who is delicate and treats me like the weakling I apparently am.


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  • Be more open with you, if you don’t tell him nothing will change- and don’t expect changes to happen all at once it’ll take time for him to learn to be more aggressive with you, I told my boyfriend I like to be spanked and although he’s getting better at it he’s still a little wary about hurting me but I told him what I liked and change is happening so

  • Have you told your boyfriend you want him to be more aggressive in bed?

  • Or how about you bang him like you want to get banged...... it works both ways. Dominate him, scare him, hurt him and then TELL him to FUCK you!

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