I caught my cousin masturbating eariler today, it was honestly my fault I have a key to her house and just walked in, my cousin was home alone so I guess she was just comfortable where she was and started to masterbate on the couch she has a really sex moan and for her dark Hispanic skin her pussy is really really pink, either way she screamed when she saw me and covered her self with a pillow and I was pretty shook for what I saw I just stood there like a dumbass looking at her... It's weird but yeah have a nice day every one

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  • You should have asked her if she needed any help, and offered to give her a hand, or some other body part.

  • Haha as much as my body wanted to, I couldn't do mentally do it

  • Why didn't you quietly leave and let her enjoy her own personal pleasure, you inconsiderate cunt.

  • You inconsiderate shit, can't you read for fuck sake get the words through you're head, I didn't mean to catch her sticking her fingers up her vagina

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