A Trannypanties

My lesbian Mom who owned a Legal Brothel with a half dozen lesbian prostitutes working for her and a porn store below her whore house turned me into her gurlyboy daughter at the age of 8,because I wanted to be a girl like my three sisters and my youngest sister was my twin sister and I looked like a girl like her.So my Mom bought me my own sexy see through panties to start masturbating in them with the help of Mom and my sisters 💕 And now I'm a Tgirl/shemale little slutty, naughty,whore a !!!

Jul 19
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I was still dripping when we back to the party


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    • Im from Ireland and when about 12ish my ma asked if I wanted a pair of her tights to wear to school under uniform one freezing morning. I said yes ok, I loved it. She bought me them and holdup stockings when ever I asked, I soon started wearing women's knickers also. I'm married, still wearing same , my wife gets for me. I didn't make me a tgirl or gay. It's only clothes, I like the feel on me. Can't beat shaved legs good quality sheer to waist tights and nice stretchy lace knickers

    • A vast majority of gay or trans boys are raised by single mothers. This isn’t a coincidence.

    • I agree with the last post, this is very wrong what your Mom did to you.

    • And this is why everyone's saying indoctrination of children is child abuse. Doing this as an adult, whatever, but her making you do this at 8 is abuse. Period! Quit trying to make pedophilia normal! It isnt!

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