I was still dripping when we back to the party

One of my husband's favorite sex tales of mine - the night I let my little sister's boyfriend fuck me in my kitchen.
I went back to my apt from my sister's BD party in her nearby apt. I was going to bring more snacks for the party.
Little sister's boyfriend - who'd been hitting on my for a year - volunteered to go along, "to help" me carry things.
This guy was 6 yrs younger than me - and as soon as we got oustide he started with his line, "why do you sleep with all those older guys you've been dating??
Then it was, "I could make you forget about all those old farts!"
Back at my apt he pushed me against my fridge and started kissing me and feeling me up.
We had both been drinking......
In a very few mins my panties were on the floor with his underwear. He hiked my mini up....I spread and squatted a little (he was shorter than me) and we fucked standing up - me pinned to my fridge. He was a little hard on my ass with his fingers!
Soon enough he did his 'special trick' - my sister had shared with me - which was to stick his finger in my butt. Well, dammit - it worked. I had a very nice orgasm!....and he loved what he'd done to my pussy - but it was time to get back before people wondered....
I grabbed a napkin from the dinner table, wiped my crotch and pushed my skirt back down after pulling up my panties.
Back at my sister's party we kept our distance....and I hoped no one could smell the sex on us - because dammit he was right - his load in me was somewhat larger than the 55 and 60yr olds who've been in my pants lately....and it was slowly dripping out of my puss for the rest of the party! Yes - I felt ashamed of myself whenever I looked at my little sister.
She was right - he is nice and thick!

Jul 19
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    • That is one of the least talked about problems about getting a quickie. A guy has no problem as he can just rinse off his cock and it's all honky dory. It isn't so for a woman, unless in the heat of the moment you can yank him out and either go down and sallow or just point him away from you. Guess that I wasn't that lucky, first in the heat of the moment and your both cuming at the same time his natural reflex is to drive deep and at least in my case I have a stronger orgasm if he cums inside me.
      so I end up with a pussy that full of cum and smells of sex.

    • It makes me sort of sad when my lover's cum leaks out of me. It's like a little time ago I had this wonderful man on me. He cock filling me up.
      Maybe that's just me.

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