I can't seem to stop

I went to an adult theater. There were booths with glory holes. I figured why not, a mouth is a mouth, right?

What I didn't expect was for the guy on the other side to stick his cock through the hole first. And, I certainly didn't expect to find myself on my knees sucking that cock. I doubt know whay came over me. It was just hanging there. I was drawn to it. Ay first, I just touched it. It was so warm and soft, but firm too. A voice from the other side of the wall said, "suck it", and I just did. Once it was in my mouth, I found myself enthralled with the act of sucking this cock. It was as if I'd found my purpose.

Since then, I've given hundreds of blow jobs. I can't seem to stop myself. Almost every day, I find myself sitting in some guys car, or the dressing room of a department store, or a hotel room with a stranger's cock inn my mouth. How did i get here?

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  • It started on your knees. Sounds like your new religion.

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