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I really enjoy the thought of other men touching my wife. I have a fantasy where I let another man apply sunscreen to her butt and thighs while she’s laying out at the beach. I recently told her this fantasy, and even though she said she didn’t like it, she became very horny. I just bought her a skimpy swimsuit that is very cheeky for when we go on vacation. Any thoughts as to how I can make this fantasy a reality? Any and all thoughts are appreciated. I can’t wait to see other men look at her when we go to the beach.

3 months ago

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    • I have recorded the action and uploaded on net for all to see
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    • The first time you watch your wife being touched by another man you may cringe a little but it won't last very long at all the second time you do this will be wonderful. you will want to see her brains fucked out and you will want to fuck her brains out too. just watch for a while while jacking off, your wife will love this

    • A woman loves the attention from other men. That's why they wear makeup and dress sexy. My wife is no different. When she goes out to the club she wears a low cut top short dress and like 4 inch heels. When we lived in Florida she had string bikinis she wore to the beach. I know that she has acted on the attention from other guys before. She enjoys the excitement of fucking a strange guy. She doesn't do it every day. But she always comes home to me after. And we have a wonderful marriage and a great sex life. She's told me that she doesn't want to hurt me in any way. But she just can't help herself when a guy starts hitting on her telling her that she's hot looking. Deep down I'm proud of her for how she looks. And she knows the difference between sex and love. She fucks other guys for the sex but we make love to each other. Just enjoy your wife.

    • You must tell her that watching her take another mans dick is a big turn on for you it has nothing to do if you love her or not you will love her more for doing this. you have to plan it very well if you are wanting to do a threesome, it will take time to convince her of this but i assure you that women like this sort of thing more than men, she is only worried about what you think of her for this, women love this sort of thing as long as it don't make them feel in insecure, you must slowly convince her of this

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