Seniors Having Sexual Play

I live in a senior mobile home park. That's were I met Rose and we formed a special close relationship. She was somewhat older than me but I grew to enjoy her company. We exchanged stories about our life when younger the good and the bad with our spouses. I admitted to Rose even though we aged I still get a bit interested in some kind sexual play activity. She confessed to me she too is interested in doing naughty no no fun but her body doesn't seem to entice anyone.
I confessed to Rose she enticed me, reminding me of my former wife. That's when I saw Rose's wrinkled cleavage of her long hanging tits, it reminded me how I use play with my wife's long titties. Then I asked Rose what color is her bush since she has white hair on top. Rose told me it's still dark hair and hasn't changed. I told Rose my wife had a dark hairy bush that I ran my fingers thru and covered with cum.
All this talk kind turned me on and I was a bit horny and told Rose that. " You mean you got a hard on? " I told her no, but wanted to grope her since I haven't played with a woman's tits or bush in a long time. She smiled and removed what she was wearing revealing her wrinkled body as she sat close to me on the couch. She leaned into me, kissing me and undoing my pants while playing with my privates and telling me she that she needed this. " You're such a sweetheart ! " as she massaged my dick telling me it's O.K. to play with her tits.
I placed my hand on her snatch and ran my finger thru her bush fingering her slit. I started to kiss her heavenly. We kept kissing and groping one another. Pre -cum oozed out of my dick onto her finger and she placed it in her mouth tasting it. That caused me to ejaculate. without a hard on.
Rose told me I could move in with her if I wanted too. Instead we would go to one another's place undress and walk about nude since we both are former nudists. Getting groped at our age is so pleasurable. and delightful.

Jul 18
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Next Confession

I want to become bate buds with my BIL (wife's brother)

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    • I'm 73 and my wife is 71 but she is in amazing shape, 120lbs, 34DD. OK her tits do sag a bit, but when she is kneeling over me rubbing them all over my naked body, thst's the last thing you would notice! She has a strong sex-drive still and when I walk into the room (not always the BEDroom😉) and she is naked on her hands and knees presenting herself, I bet there aren't many men who would say no!
      Age is just a number.

    • Nice. Good to hear you two are having fun. Everyone needs a release. Keep it up or down xx

    • Old pussy is still pussy when I get old. I wanna be the one to gives the entire nursing home an STD when or if I'm ever put into one. Every single granny with chlamydia in their throats!

    • I’d like to try fucking a granny, and I am a fit, fairly hung 48 y/o.

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