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My mother molested me as a kid. I was taken away from her at 14 after 2 years of sexual abuse. I never had any enjoyment any time I was forced to do things with her. I have not seen her in 20 years and had no intention of seeking her out. She just recently found my Facebook account and sent me a message. She told me that she wanted to see me and asked if we could get together to talk. It's been three days since I got the message. Last night my girlfriend was here and we started to play around and when she was giving me head I pictured my mom doing it to me. I opened my eyes and stopped thinking about that. As my girlfriend was cumming and I was starting to feel like I was going to finish. I thought about seeing my mom and being able to cum in her. It actually made me really hott and I came alot inside of my girlfriend. After she left and I was alone I was going back and forth in my head think I was just going crazy. I never got any idea of wanting to do that ever. I have never had any thought or dream about that ever being something that I was interested in doing. Now I can't stop thinking about answering the message and meeting with her. If I meet with her I know that I can tell her that ever since she contacted me i have been having these thoughts. I know that she will let me do it. I don't know what to do. I feel so horrible for having these thoughts. Once I see her and we start to talk about it I know that she will let me do anything with her if I told her what I was thinking. What should I do?

11 months ago


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    • How'd this turn out?

    • Fuck her

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