I once gave my boy friend an enema in the the shower and he liked it. His dick got so hard it just took a couple of strokes to make him cum. I remember watching his sperm sliding down the wet tiles. The next day I ordered a strap on with lots of lubricant oil. I'm going to have to tie him up for that one.

Jul 17
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Cheated countless times on him

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    • When you’re done with him come fuck me.

    • We have a prostate that's are P Spot just like you have a G spot . That's why he shot like that . I think if you want to fuck him with a strap on just bring it up in bed . If he agrees don't get something to big start small even use a finger or two plenty of lube. Like astroglide gel that's what the wife uses on me . Don't get mad down the road if he want's it all the time or bigger ones. Would like to hear more how it went.

    • Fill me up! That's my go to saying. First time was awkward, it just kept getting better and better. Nothing feels better than rubbing my "p sopt" except maybe the release! Now I beg her to fuck my ass or use a p spot vibrator to rub it. I have one that is curved at the beginning to reach the spot. Vibratory at end and middle. It bets bigget as inserted. So maybe 1 1/2 inches when in and the head placed on the prostate. I'll shoot dang near across the room with it! She likes to point it towards my face and I blast myself with a facial every time! Wife thinks this is hilarious that I cum on my own face, like I don't love it!

    • If you take your time he will live it and want it every single day. Don't force it, go slow until his ass accepts it, then plow the fuck outta his ass when hes ready. Never enough lube, use lots so you don't tear him. I'd almost rather get pegged than innercourse. If you use a double dong strapon, you'll cum when fucking him, or my wife does, every single time! Again, use lots of lube. When you think you have enough, use just a little bit more.

    • And you have to continue stroking after he cums smiling and laughing at him lol. Say aawww is it too much to handle because I don't care it is the worst sensation you've ever had because I just got to watch you suffer and tell no no stop plz lol. But I don't think you should stop cuz he might be in heaven so I hope you get him really good 👍 palming over the tip lubed up ciring around is my favorite thing to do with my guy who's my tickle torture dog and amazing and cruel and I enjoy taunting him. I once put my mom's his aunt's stiff hamper nylons into his mouth and poured water in his mouth 👄😺

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